Monday, June 1, 2009


Let's face it, I am addicted to Dilly Dolls... Even though I can't wear their clothes when I'm in Avilion (which is most of the time) I keep filling my inventory with their pretty things... So when I heard there was a new midnight mania gift, I ran to slap it. Well, actually I didn't really run, my connection last night was so laggy it took me about half an hour to reach the board, with 3 or 4 crashes in the meantime... Anyway, the price is that lovely outfit , called Dolly Dearest, it's scripted to come in 8 colors and you can choose to wear the skirt or the bloomers...

The matching hoofies are sold separately at Dilly Dolls, the skin is from Curio and the hair is from Analog Dog...

"not like I faint, everytime we touch..."

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