Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new favorites!

I really love the soft, bohemian look.
The dress is called Eliezel!
When I found this dress at Leyda Style, I completely fell in love.
I like the wrapped leather belt and the long draping white cloth.
AND it was only one linden.
Leyda Style also has more previously blogged dollarbies
check them out while you're there!

The next two oufits, I adore.
The shirts are from Reek and cost only 5L!
I love love love Riq's tees.
A lot of people say you have to pay a lot for wonderful quality.
But Reek is seriously undercharging.
The shading on his tees are amazing and don't make my boobs
look like their popping out with a huge indent between them.

The skirts are a subscribo gift from Endeavor. I love them.
They aren't too short and they floooow. I love flow-y-ness! lol

I do admit I had a bit trouble adjusting them.
But it was worth it since it is so so so so cute.
There is also a turtleneck in the subscribo! No pics though. :X

Have a lovely day!

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