Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mystic luuuurve

Mae posted about this shop a while ago ( here and here), and I'm pretty sure I've shown you some of the great things one can get at Mystic Hope (including the camping chair prices that you can see here), but a reminder can't hurt, right? And these are other outfits. Plus today, I have a sexy model to help me show you more awesomeness from this amazing shop.

All the outfits I am modelling (+ the cat eyes) are free from Mystic Paradise, either from lucky chair or lucky board...

And here is the handsome Vox, modelling what he found there yesterday... left to right, the first two are only 50l$ each (in the discount section, downstairs) and the other two are 400l$ each (but totally worth it)

Just click on the pics to see them better... and run to Mystic Hope!

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