Friday, April 3, 2009

Some gems found while hunting

Those hunts wear me out so picture my joy when I landed at OBF. A delicious shop where you can get awesome furnitures for more than reasonnable prices considering the quality !
For the Bunny Hop Hunt, they give away this cute teacup bath ! 3 seaters, a good choice of poses and textures to pick from.. it's a must have !
If you're in a lucky day.. the lucky board will show your letter and give you the reading stump !
Again a 3 seaters and when the second person sits, you'll go all "awww". Perfect for couples !
And last but not the least .. the Watermelon cooler is a camping prize ! 10mn and it's yours !!
So have fun, get your friends in swimwear and get them in !

Have a good day !
*goes on humming about her soft skin in a bubbly bath*

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