Monday, April 13, 2009

Mer-Elf love !

Ok.. who doesn't know Mer-Elf Creations? Who doesn't know this amazing shop offering delightful stuff for the Mer people, as well as the humans, the elves and soon.. *whispers* Fairies.
Yes Morgaine is working on amazing newness and believe me.. I saw it and it'll make your jaw hit the ground !

Here is a look at her new store.. looking great isn't it ?
Please ... keep in mind Morgaine Price is a well known designer. Her work is recognised and rewarded by the general opinion. Like the Skjern Bondsmaid outfit shown up.

And last but not the least.. the adorable dresses you can get from Mer-Elf store.
(from right to left) Join the group to pick the Solar Gown in teal, the Triskele Gown (white one) and the Valahari gown in Pink.
And if you're lucky enough, the lucky chair will give you the megapack of the Giselle gowns.
In this picture I only model the red one from the pack.. but you can't believe how many styles you can get from only one color... Not to mention you even get the lingerie *wiggles her brow*
Hurry there lovelies !

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