Friday, April 3, 2009

Burning desire for the bird of fire

And once again Phoenix Designs and Firefall has delighted us with a limited time freebie..
A freebie... no .. it was two actually. One for ladies, the luthien dress in blue... and the very new and gorgeous outfit for men; Robin in blue. So I had to have it :p
And you.. yes you who wish you would have known in time... You know what to do.
Go to the shop. Join the group and stay tuned. The designers send us the infos we need right in time and they spoil their customers believe me.

Important: The smexy drow isn't sold with any of the outfits of Phoenix and Firefall... I know.. it's sad. *grins* Thanks Harm for posing and for giving me this .. ehm.. charming .. view of you.

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