Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two designers.. same love

Well you all know Aria's Dream... and Simply Fae.

You all know we can find both of them at Ancient Dreams .. but now *drums sound* you can find them both at Aria's Dream main location !
Those two ladies are amazingly skilled designers and you *MUST* have a look at their stores !

Now let's speak of goodies.. Left picture is the last release from Aria, Dolce gown. Get it with a discount right now before price goes back to normal. (picture taken from Aria's shop - originally made by Smeagol Palen of SPM Photography)

Right one is the group gift from Simply Fae.. Join the group and get it for 1L at Ancient Dreams Market ! Also take a look at the Temptress Dress, shown in a previous post by Rose. For group members.. it's only 200L today !!

Remember to wear group tags !

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