Thursday, April 2, 2009

And here we go with spoiling again !

Remember Aria's Dreams right? .. can't tell you don't !
Because if not .. you will not have deserved to get the latest treats from her !
So as soon as SL works again (yeah right now it's down.. i'm stuck at Husky shop... which is will you tell me not too bad .. 'cept for my purse !), head to Aria's main shop, join the group, get the notecard about her shop locations in previous notices and now come the hardest part.
You will have to go through each of this locations.. look at the gowns and find the one priced at 0L !
Yes.. I said 0L. Also you cannot leave the main store without taking the amazing april group gift !

Thanks Aria !!

Brown and black Dress : April group gift : Dolce gown

Blue gown... Guess why it's here.

Hair: Bonita II from ETD

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