Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend goodies

Well.. away for the weekend means two things.
1) Tons of NC and notices to read when you get back on.
2) Tons of goodies to get.

Once again my buttom made me a lucky lady when I sat at Crimson Shadow, the lucky chair gave me this incredibly beautiful dress. "Whisper feather Crimson" ... Could any name fit better this dress ? I don't think so and this dress is going in my favourite's closet.. I tell you !

Joining the ***Fashion Trend*** group, check the past notices to get the following lovely treats. On the first picture, the great set of lingerie is from Boutique Lovely. And on the second picture, the wonderful Dolce Gown from Aria's Dream is an introduction gift to the group.
As well you'll get the cute bunny outfit from Ali Couture in those so loved past notices !

Now for the stunning eyes.. you will have to pop at [42] mainstore.. it's the actual freebie !

And what about my eggs ? Yay I love eggs.. just as much as I love Diesel Works. There is a fee to enter the group.. used to be 25L but might be higher since Rogan Diesel decided to offer his group members those great egg seats. A full set including 5 colors and 5 poses in each. Isn't it amazing ?

Enjoy it and have a great SL !

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