Monday, April 27, 2009

A bit of everything so you'll find something !

Ohhh so long I hadn't been blogging as Maelenn.. and so many nice things for you !

First stop today .. Sin & Secrets ... "I am your sin, you are my secret" .. but this one I'll share it with you ! You can get from there the three smexy outfit on the left of the picture (pink/black dress - little black dress - lingerie set) and the pose used for the lingerie set !

The adorable purple dress in from Blue Blood ... Lola in Pink .. it is totally worth waiting your letter and if you don't feel like waiting.. buy the fatpack next to the lucky chair !

And last but not the least one this first picture.. the "Flowered" outfit from hO wear .. only free till 8PM though.. so go and get it now !

And now some group gifties... the table is from Pididle group.. Join it in-world and check past notices to receive it !

The dress is a gift from India Rose, generously sent via Lucky Chairs Stalker group !

And for the shoes, they're to get at Sin from the lucky chair...

[Due to lack of time and as LM for this last post are under Suavana's account.. I'll add them a little bit later today.. promised !! ]

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