Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello my name is...

Isadora Vayandar!

Hey everyone! I am your new blogger. I'm so excited to help bring you the best quality freebies and cheapies of SecondLife! Some people know me as the new officer of the Lucky Chair Stalkers and others know me as an everyday Happy Hunter. But today I am bringing you a new side of Isadora, one who hopefully writes well and takes wonderful photographs of clothes you want. So bear with me as I begin my first post!

From left: This awesome outfit was given as group gift from Toast! It even includes the boots and armwarmers. Also two different types of skirts! I love it! It's still in the subscribo so just go click.

In the middle: The top is a subscribo gift from Aurora! The textures on it are pretty sweet. The shorts are FREE from her wall of shorts. Even better is that all the shorts on the wall are FREE for a limited time! So cool of HarmonyJade to do! If I were you I would hurry and grab them all quick. The boots are a lucky chair prize from Studio M'z! I originally was not a huge fan of cowboy boots but M'z has swayed me. I wear them all the time now!

Last outfit: The t-shirt is a subscribo gift from Reek! This store is so cute and humble. They also have a dollarbie roller rink! The belt is also from Reek but it isn't free! It really is worth it because it is textured wonderfully and it color changes! Finally, the super cute pink shoes are a dollarbie gift from Donna Flora! She always has dollarbies out so make sure to check often!

Well, that's it for my first post! Yay! I hope you liked it as much as I did!

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