Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greetings and A New Viewer "Bug"

Greetings!!! I'm Dawn (Dawnbeam Dreamscape). I have followed this blog from the beginning and love the hints and specials featured. I also love quality freebies and lowbies, my partner Willing Underwood and I spend a few nights a week dedicated to this, and my inventory is in serious trouble. (hehehe) I love slim gowns, boots and sexy outfits. My passion tho is HAIR!!! I would rather wear the same outfit day after day than wear the same hair style two days in a row!!! I am passionate about finding good hair. Willing and I also own and operate for fun ~*The Dawn Breaks Studios*~

OK ladies and gents, I don't know about you...but my skins are also very important, and probably the most costly one time investment we make in sl. I follow a blog, and recently read this article in there talking about the new viewer and skin issues...
slschadenfreude.blogspot post named "Your Vote Counts".

I am so disappointed to see that some of these effects are indeed I downloaded the newer version of the viewer this past weekend. I have included two pictures here that were taken last night of Willing and I. The daytime view was just a regular exposure picture taken on low graphics. The night time view was less than a minute later taken on night exposure with ultra graphics, these should have been the ones that were clearer, more detailed and realistic looking. Pay particular attention to Willing's eyes and lips in these two photos!!! The opposite is true. The low graphics came out more realistic. Now I AM upset!!! According the the post on slschadenfreude this does not affect current viewers...but I have not had this issue come up for me before...and I take tons of photos.

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