Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prelude to more pretties

I have just discovered a shop called Prelude, and although there are no freebies in there (there's a lucky board though), I though I would share some of their prettiness with you kittens... Plus there is some kind of secret sale at the moment!

First you can get this beautiful gown and its matching hat for only 10l$ each

The Liane dress on the left is only 10l$ too, and the Annie dress on the right is 50l$

These four lovely dolly dresses are set half price, and you can get each of them for 150l$ each...

And there are lots of other items, including 2$ hats, purses... and other lovely dress... go have a look!

Hair is the subscribo gift from Magika!
Shoes are Midnight Mania board prize from A-Bomb

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