Friday, April 24, 2009

Support RFL !

Yes !! A Fashion show event and all benefits go to Relay For Life ! So join us tonight at 11.30am SLT at Avilion for this amazing moment ! But REMEMBER the dresscode !

Yes Avilion being a roleplay community, we have a dresscode. So when you join us make sure you're wearing a gown for the ladies or some medieval attire for the gentlemen! We have blogged a LOT of them in here so you can easily get one before tonight but otherwise a free outfit is provided at the Gate of Avilion. Ok this is for the rule side of it !

Concerning the pieces of art you'll be able to get at the show.. First are Serenity Sieyes' creation (get more of her pretty works at Avilion Mist).
The Enchantress gown as well as the Elements ouftit will be sold tonight and those are just a must have for your wardrobe ladies!

Next with Evie's pretties (also hop at Evie's Closet mainstore). The two delicious sets in the picture are definately worth the price.

And a stunning insigna wearable by ladies like gentlemen, the Avilion Insigna for RFL made by the talented Altarius Flanagan (*me stresses the very talented cos' Alt is too humble to tell it by himself*)! See more of his work at Steel Souls

You thought that was all ?? No !! Other amazingly talented designers (all from Avilion) will take part: Boaz Sands (Simply Fae)! Ayla Serenity ! Tazzie Turque ! And Harm Gulick (Deadly Desire!
So get your medieval clothes out and meet you there at 11.30... and remember all go to RFL !

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