Thursday, March 12, 2009

MysticHope .. Deliciously yours

Rosie had told you.. we got lucky at MysticHope chairs and the Guess&Win board.
Here are a few items you can get from there.

This outfit is for guys and the Mystic Boots go so well with it !!

And the Angel of Dark outfit .. just rawr... So look what the kitty cat brought here.. it even comes with sexy lingerie.. but only for your private moments!

And the new freebie available in the coffin (neh .. you don't to dig to find it, just touch its top to open it). A great purple and black outfit "Lady Lavendel" (Remember the great designer of MH... Kira Lavendel ? *winks*), and you can wear it as well with or without the skirt.
And just because purple DOES look great, you should really camp 60mn to get the great Elven Spirit outfit and another 45mn to get the matching boots !
Remember you can get the brown version of the gown from the shop or from the guess and win board too !

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