Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Not the movie! Just a lot of pink clothes!

This lovely dress below is a gorgeous group gift from 25 ans! It flows amazing and it is super cute! I paired it with the dollarbie shoes from Donna Flora and this FREE hair from Analog Dog! I think combined together it makes a lovely outfit!

The next outfit is the third weekly freebie from Wetherby's! If you did not know, Wetherby's is giving away a free outfit every week for four weeks! This is dress is lovely and goes great with my Donna Flora shoes! As soon as I wore this outfit, I knew I needed some pearls. The pearl bracelet I am wearing is a freebie from Icing! And the hair I am wearing is FREE from Analog Dog! It is in the same package as the other hairs that I am wearing.

Finally, my last photograph! The gorgeous skin I am wearing is a group gift from Bebae. Join the group and check the notices there is also three other skins in there. The dress is a wonderful gift from Indie Rose! It is so pretty! Just go into the store and buy it! The shoes are an April subscribo gift from Heart & Sole! I love prim toe shoes! These shoes come with a color/texture change menu! The hair is another freebie from Analog Dog, it is in the same package as the other hairs! Lastly, the delicious doughnut in my mouth is a group gift from Pink Fuel! Just join the group and check notices It's tasty!

Isadora Vayandar

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