Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday goodies !

Sun is shining outside.. flowers are blooming and ... and .. I'm doing spring clean.. And yes .. spring clean usually means throwing stuff away.
Except when you're called Suavana Maiman and that you realised you don't have a real choice in your hairstyles folder.. (please understand it as ... less than 30 different hairstyles).
So.. I went hair-hunting.. and god I found some sweet styles you will need as well !

Let's start with Waka&Yuki. This store has some freebies and dollarbies just a w e s o m e. All hairstyles shown under come from there and believe me.. even the non-free ones are cheap and worth the money ! (100L)

Next stop ! Philotic Energy has nice styles set for 1L ! Really a good choice to pick from; the two white hairstyles shown under are from there !! Luv them !

The other style is from ETD .. Rosie told you a bit about it in a previous post.. it's reopened now for quite a time and it has this "you-get-to-love-it" freebies-dollarbies-discounted area ! About the lollipop.. it's a lcky chair prize from Love Soul .. who said I'm not a sweet(y) ?

Oh did I mention the dresses I wear here are from WishBox the Blue is the old Lucky chair prize .. and the white one .. the new prize !! Go get it.. About this wonderful necklace.. its a group gift from Fallen Gods as Alia just released a new dark elf outfit !!!

And now !! Some more from Philotic Energy with adorable white hair including the cute flower in it !! .. and .. Vixen last pick reward !! Just fabulous isn't it !

So here it is .. Sua is out .. More hair locations when I'm back .. promised !
See on sunday eve and have a good weekend!

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