Monday, April 13, 2009

Freebie hunter and anti-hunt?

First of all, I'd like to point out that I speak for myself only, not having told my fellow bloggers about my intention to post this. They may or may not agree with me, this is up to them. As you may have noticed, there are tons of hunts all around the grid at the moment, and most of them provide high quality freebies. For you and me consumers, it seems like a dream, having all these free things in our inventory. But there is a problem. Have you noticed the number of designers who have closed their shops in the past few weeks? You all know the world economy is going through a major crisis in RL. Well, SL hasn't been spared, and we don't always know it, but lots of designers on the grid have SL as their main source of income.
And what happens if they can't provide for their family anymore, or just don't make enough money to keep their shop running? They close their shop. You may not think it matters, as a new shop will probably open 2 minutes later at the same place, but believe me, it does.
It does for YOU, because these designers are the ones who provide the freebies. And if they go bankrupt, there won't be any freebie anymore.

So please, please, support our designers on SL. Whenever you go hunting, if the lag allows you, please take a few minutes to check the store you're in, and don't hesitate to sometimes buy a full priced item.

And for all of you customers and designers who read this post, here is an idea that came up and was brought to me by my friend Morrigan Denimore, the sweet and talented designer of the Black Canary. Please go have a look here for more info about this 10l$ hunt. And for those of you who are to lazy to read it all (I can't really blame you, I'm one of the worst lazyasses I've ever met), here's a little quote from the Vendor Support month blog :

"There was a designer, with an idea of making a 10L hunt. A hunt, that is not quite your usual freebie hunt with hundreds of stores, hours spent - and some wasted, just to be annoyed, lagged, and end up with a bloated inventory of things you might have not wanted to get in the first place, just to get to the end of the line.
We as designers wish to serve the consumer and more importantly, continue to serve. We enjoy the support and literally, some of us cannot live without it. Many of us use this platform as our singular source of income. Some of us have children. It's not a game when you deal with real obligations such as that. Some people work tirelessly on creating good, quality content just for everyone to enjoy. We don't ask for much in return."

Thank you all for reading this, and I hope you will have fun finding amazing stuff at the 10l$ hunt in June... I'll tell you more about it as I get more info.



  1. I agree 100% with everything you posted, bravo!

  2. I completely agree with this and I have had the privilege of being chosen to be part of this even that will hopefully raise some awareness in SL customers.

    All this coming from a fellow freebie blogger ;)