Monday, April 20, 2009

Silence !

hO wear did it again. Awesome outfits.. for free... for a limited time. So take the slurl and hurry there my lovely readers because those deliciously sexy outfits await you !
The red will be free till 9AM only... the black one till 8PM.

Blog correction : Red will only be till 8AM.. so get now if you can.. but black will be till 8PM. So still good ! And HeidiHo Huet (the fabulous person spoiling you at hO wear) told me usually she puts a new free outfit 6days a week.. and on the 7th.. it's her husband who will spoil you !
Woot ! And don't forget to give the whole store a look.. the freebies are surely to get but the non free outfits are so worth their price !

And they say...

Rose : Don't even think about it boys, I have the power.

Imm strokes her whip.

Rose : Behave.. or I free my girls.

Suavana smiles

1 comment:

  1. *grins* "shlack!"
    Go get these outfits or you shall be punished!