Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have a pleasant flight with Material Squirrel

Don't know if you're the kind of people who love wings or not... but I do. Even if I tend to wear them less now, Maelenn has always been a winged one in SL. And a huge fan of Material Squirrel. I got some other wings.. but no one could fit me as my Seraphim Wings.
Well anyway.. Here is your luck to get some of these amazingly beautiful wings.
Step 1: Take the taxi (slurl) included in this post.
Step 2: Edit your profile - Go to picks - Create a new one and leave the magic of SL includes Material Squirrel there
Step 3: Make sure the "Show in Search" in the front page of your profile is ticked. Wait 24-48h.
Step 4: Go and grab those babies.

And yes.. here i see your face... but wait.. what .. Today's only ?? Yep.. the reward changes every day at midnight, so if you hadn't Material Squirrel in your picks already, you won't get those ones. But another color, or style. So believe, don't wait would it be just one more minute to add it to your profile and check often for the goodies !

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