Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simply... beautiful!

These sunday pretties are not free, but you may want to take a look anyway...

First are the retiring gowns from Simply Fae, the Magenta series are only 100l$ each for a limited time (the whole coming week) and then they will be gone forever. Don't miss them!

While you're at the Simply Fae main shop, take a look at Boaz's latest creation, Bethany... Each pack (400l$)contains 3 different skirt styles... and there are four different colors: heather and meadow (shown here), and also ruby and sky... I'm in love already..

Last but not least is the latest release from Evie's Closet... I know, definitely NOT free(600l$ for the long gown, 200l$ for the short version add on, BEWARE, the add on is only a complement to the gown and can't be used separately) I strongly advise you to join her group if you haven't already, it's free, it's a subscribothingamagic that doesn't take any group slot, and you get a free gift dress right away... (you can see it here)

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