Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Outfit from lucky chair at Rfyre. Originally a men's outfit but I can make it work! The outfit includes the hat but the boots are a bunny hop gift from M'z (#059).

Beautiful dress from Total Betty lucky chair. Three options to wear it! Love that! The bangles are 1L at Chuchulet! Also, the flats are from Chuchulet and were in a pack that cost ONLY 3L! The zebra tights are free from Sheer!

This hawt outfit is a camping prize from LeeZu! It's only 60 minutes! Not so bad for a lovely gown! Oh! I love that store! The skin is a prize from one of the lucky boards at Rockberry!


First Look... love at first sight

ONE LINDEN! It's what I paid for each of these gowns. Run to First Look, they have plenty other pretty things!

Special thanks to Pumkin Saenz, from Baking Cupcakes, for the hint

Mashooka Hunt

Mashooka is opening a new sim.. and offering us goodies!! With S.loves and Sway Creations, hat else could we ask for? I'm leaving you to the pictures of the presents before you run there for the hunt !
Couple pose from S.Loves used for the blue dress in the two versions
Couldn't resist but to show you all my love with a drawing !

The pole pose and leg up one are from S.Loves

Midnight sexy...

Yesterday, I slapped quite a few Midnight Mania boards... and got these smexxy outfits...

Left to right: Doux Petit Dahl Malibu Nights outfit, SK Designs Sober outfit, Thalia Spring Babe

Left to right: AB Alice dress, Mercury Sapphire Electra red boots and and Hot red Anaconda outfit

Have a pleasant flight with Material Squirrel

Don't know if you're the kind of people who love wings or not... but I do. Even if I tend to wear them less now, Maelenn has always been a winged one in SL. And a huge fan of Material Squirrel. I got some other wings.. but no one could fit me as my Seraphim Wings.
Well anyway.. Here is your luck to get some of these amazingly beautiful wings.
Step 1: Take the taxi (slurl) included in this post.
Step 2: Edit your profile - Go to picks - Create a new one and leave the magic of SL includes Material Squirrel there
Step 3: Make sure the "Show in Search" in the front page of your profile is ticked. Wait 24-48h.
Step 4: Go and grab those babies.

And yes.. here i see your face... but wait.. what .. Today's only ?? Yep.. the reward changes every day at midnight, so if you hadn't Material Squirrel in your picks already, you won't get those ones. But another color, or style. So believe, don't wait would it be just one more minute to add it to your profile and check often for the goodies !

Greetings and A New Viewer "Bug"

Greetings!!! I'm Dawn (Dawnbeam Dreamscape). I have followed this blog from the beginning and love the hints and specials featured. I also love quality freebies and lowbies, my partner Willing Underwood and I spend a few nights a week dedicated to this, and my inventory is in serious trouble. (hehehe) I love slim gowns, boots and sexy outfits. My passion tho is HAIR!!! I would rather wear the same outfit day after day than wear the same hair style two days in a row!!! I am passionate about finding good hair. Willing and I also own and operate for fun ~*The Dawn Breaks Studios*~

OK ladies and gents, I don't know about you...but my skins are also very important, and probably the most costly one time investment we make in sl. I follow a blog, and recently read this article in there talking about the new viewer and skin issues...
slschadenfreude.blogspot post named "Your Vote Counts".

I am so disappointed to see that some of these effects are indeed I downloaded the newer version of the viewer this past weekend. I have included two pictures here that were taken last night of Willing and I. The daytime view was just a regular exposure picture taken on low graphics. The night time view was less than a minute later taken on night exposure with ultra graphics, these should have been the ones that were clearer, more detailed and realistic looking. Pay particular attention to Willing's eyes and lips in these two photos!!! The opposite is true. The low graphics came out more realistic. Now I AM upset!!! According the the post on slschadenfreude this does not affect current viewers...but I have not had this issue come up for me before...and I take tons of photos.

Bloody hunt at Fallen Gods

A new generation of Gods are born at Fallen Gods.. from blood and flesh they came and the writings say you must help them and Alia through these beginnings.

First to the bath of blood you shall lead them, and in the land of Fallen gods you must seek this special spot which can only be used for the gods' bath.

A place where to rest you must provide them... Rug, Bed, Bath and proper decoration is the God's request.

And if all of this, quickly you accomplish, by a heavenly bloody retreat place rewarded you will be. From the skies, Earth looks better said the Gods.

And you, as well, will look better if yu please the Gods. *grins*
A hunt to do ! Much fun and so much quality items !

Hey Sister go Sister soul Sister flow Sister!

Sister Strawberry has some really cute freebies in their shop...

Gitchy gitchy ya ya da da...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intorducing the new game !

Hey sweeties.. here is the game of the day !
Called... the Fashion game ! So take your cards and let's play !

Card 1: (dress) Seldom Blue - 1L *** (skin) Doux Petit Dahl - lucky chair *** (hair) Analog Dog - freebie

Card 2: (dress) [AV] Vlodovic - subscribo gift

Card 3: (lingerie) Reasonnable Desires - lucky chair

Card 4: (dress) Revnik's - Freebie

Card 5: (dress) PixelDolls - Group Gift (suscribo) ---> Much more to get from there

Card 6: (dress) [AV] Vlodovic - Camping Prize

Card 7: Joker ! [AV] Vlodovic - Lucky Board

More bloggers, more readers?

As you have noticed, Isadora joined the team a couple of days ago and Dawnbeam was added last night... More bloggers, to bring you more goodies... The whole team does their best to bring you quality freebies, dollarbies, cheapies, gorgeous non free stuff, and we hope you all take as much pleasure reading as we do posting... If you do, please let us know, I would love to read your feedback on Look What the Cat Brought. Please tell us what we could do, according to you, to improve (or if we just rock lol)...

And please, if you like us, spread the word around you.



Wednesday colors

Hello all!!

Today's post is a very colorful one... good mood in a tube...!

Left to right:A Piece of Candy subscribo gift, *katat0nik* Ice Cream Outfit (group gift, purchase for 250l$ to get invited in the group), Doux Petit Dahl lucky chair prize (don't forget to slap the Midnight Mania board there!), *katat0nik* (dk pink) Buckley V.2 Dress (group gift too)

And if it wasn't enough to make you smile:
Wake up!! Ding a dong...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


*yawns* Oh my! It's way past my bedtime and I'm exhausted, so this is going to be a quick one...

Yes, Vox and I have gone camping again, at Mystic Hope, again...
MysticHope - Diablo Purple female and male outfits, 1 hour camping each

Left: Shirohato Black Canary dress, lucky board. Right: DP Yum Yum 30 minutes camping prize

*curls up in bed and falls asleep*

Pretty in Pink!

Not the movie! Just a lot of pink clothes!

This lovely dress below is a gorgeous group gift from 25 ans! It flows amazing and it is super cute! I paired it with the dollarbie shoes from Donna Flora and this FREE hair from Analog Dog! I think combined together it makes a lovely outfit!

The next outfit is the third weekly freebie from Wetherby's! If you did not know, Wetherby's is giving away a free outfit every week for four weeks! This is dress is lovely and goes great with my Donna Flora shoes! As soon as I wore this outfit, I knew I needed some pearls. The pearl bracelet I am wearing is a freebie from Icing! And the hair I am wearing is FREE from Analog Dog! It is in the same package as the other hairs that I am wearing.

Finally, my last photograph! The gorgeous skin I am wearing is a group gift from Bebae. Join the group and check the notices there is also three other skins in there. The dress is a wonderful gift from Indie Rose! It is so pretty! Just go into the store and buy it! The shoes are an April subscribo gift from Heart & Sole! I love prim toe shoes! These shoes come with a color/texture change menu! The hair is another freebie from Analog Dog, it is in the same package as the other hairs! Lastly, the delicious doughnut in my mouth is a group gift from Pink Fuel! Just join the group and check notices It's tasty!

Isadora Vayandar

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello my name is...

Isadora Vayandar!

Hey everyone! I am your new blogger. I'm so excited to help bring you the best quality freebies and cheapies of SecondLife! Some people know me as the new officer of the Lucky Chair Stalkers and others know me as an everyday Happy Hunter. But today I am bringing you a new side of Isadora, one who hopefully writes well and takes wonderful photographs of clothes you want. So bear with me as I begin my first post!

From left: This awesome outfit was given as group gift from Toast! It even includes the boots and armwarmers. Also two different types of skirts! I love it! It's still in the subscribo so just go click.

In the middle: The top is a subscribo gift from Aurora! The textures on it are pretty sweet. The shorts are FREE from her wall of shorts. Even better is that all the shorts on the wall are FREE for a limited time! So cool of HarmonyJade to do! If I were you I would hurry and grab them all quick. The boots are a lucky chair prize from Studio M'z! I originally was not a huge fan of cowboy boots but M'z has swayed me. I wear them all the time now!

Last outfit: The t-shirt is a subscribo gift from Reek! This store is so cute and humble. They also have a dollarbie roller rink! The belt is also from Reek but it isn't free! It really is worth it because it is textured wonderfully and it color changes! Finally, the super cute pink shoes are a dollarbie gift from Donna Flora! She always has dollarbies out so make sure to check often!

Well, that's it for my first post! Yay! I hope you liked it as much as I did!

Camping and helping a kid get to camp...

I was camping at Blue Blood for the amazing dresses below, and I started reading other blogs... this is when I found this post on Gabi Fitzgerald's blog, SL Good Deals. Basically the idea is simple: buy this gorgeous hair from Exile and help a kid go to diabetes camp next summer...

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°1 (Laneth dresses pack)

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°3 (Enigma dresses pack)

Blue Blood camping price, 30 minutes, price n°2 (Lolita dresses pack)

Hair: Exile Laynie, 250l$ for a color pack

New blogger!!!!

Hi everyone!

We have a new blogger on the team! Warm welcome to Isadora!!!

A bit of everything so you'll find something !

Ohhh so long I hadn't been blogging as Maelenn.. and so many nice things for you !

First stop today .. Sin & Secrets ... "I am your sin, you are my secret" .. but this one I'll share it with you ! You can get from there the three smexy outfit on the left of the picture (pink/black dress - little black dress - lingerie set) and the pose used for the lingerie set !

The adorable purple dress in from Blue Blood ... Lola in Pink .. it is totally worth waiting your letter and if you don't feel like waiting.. buy the fatpack next to the lucky chair !

And last but not the least one this first picture.. the "Flowered" outfit from hO wear .. only free till 8PM though.. so go and get it now !

And now some group gifties... the table is from Pididle group.. Join it in-world and check past notices to receive it !

The dress is a gift from India Rose, generously sent via Lucky Chairs Stalker group !

And for the shoes, they're to get at Sin from the lucky chair...

[Due to lack of time and as LM for this last post are under Suavana's account.. I'll add them a little bit later today.. promised !! ]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For your eyes only... and a little more

Greetings dear readers!!

After a short time of being closed, Dilly Dolls just reopened, filled with goodies, including lovely freebie dresses that you DO want to get...

They also offer a nice selection of freebie eye packs, which leads me to show you more eyes... First the Zana series from Dilly Dolls

Second the Gia series, still from Dilly Dolls

Poetic Colors also has a brand new freebie that you will love (first one on the left) and the others are a cheapie pack (5l$ for 5 eyes) from Elv'an, that Mae talked to you about a few posts ago: