Monday, September 28, 2009

Status Quome: Victorious!

Hi y'all! I've needed to make a new post but every time I tried to take a pic in-world, my screen blacked out and SL crashed. =( It's still doing it, just not every time, so I only got like 4 pics saved. I have a guy coming to look at it soon, it's probably an easy fix that I'm too blonde to figure out, lol.

Aaaanyway. I finally got into the Skin Expo, and I made it through all of it, so yay! It took like forever cause of the lag, and by now it's probably been blogflogged, but I'm going to show my hard-won pics anyway so there. =P

Dress: Coquette "Pure Elegance" in Wine, Sept. group gift
Hair (and nails): Body By Eve "Bad Honey" Skin Expo gift
Shape: Kittylicious "Statuesque" Skin Expo gift (great place to go for more voluptuous shapes!)
Shoes: ETD d'Orsay Stiletto in Eggplant

Skin: Exodi "Lily" Cedar Frosted, Skin Expo gift (several tones included!)
Lashes: Silhouette Skin Expo gift
Jewelry: Ticky Tacky "Juicy Bead" set in Boysenberry
Eyes: Poetic Colors Blue Autumn freebie

Outfit: Amaris "Amelie" summer outfit, DSN gift
Hair: Digital Dollhouse "Pips" (my LM goes to a casino, search goes to a sim for sale, sorry!)
Shoes: DUH Lemon suede ankle boot, SOS hunt gift (still out)
Shape: Shape it Up! "Lioness" Skin Expo gift

Skin: Rockberry "Megan" Skin Expo gift (4 tones included)
Jewelry: RIPE "Litzi Lemon Burst" 10L (omg sooo cute! Matching scooter there too!)
Eyes: Skin Within "Lush Eyes" Skin Expo gift

All pics taken in La Petite Mort "Bryant Park Skybox" Skin Expo gift, it's a model runway with a separate dressing room!
Skin/Shape Expo SLURLS and previews: click here
Poses from Ray Skin and Elisa's

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