Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jewelry Fair

Just a quick look at the Jewelry Fair goodies. Remember Look What the Cat Brought has a subscribo group in-world located here and a few days ago, i've sent direct slurls to *almost* all stores with gifts. [Weak client and connexion = Crash easily and Lag even more!] So sorry designers, if I missed to list you there. Anyway and we cannot underline it enough, giving gifts or not, all of them have realised a wonderful work, and while you check their booths for goodies, don't forget to look at the full-priced items that are at least as beautiful !
From left to right, top line first:
  • *FS* Jewelry for the smiley (modified it to be on the top but attaches to the hip)
  • Shine Necklace (1L) plus the amazing flame eyes and the mariposa ring are freebies at her main store. She has lovely eyes and even more beautiful jewels sets. Worth checking it !
  • The ruby and diamond ring is Cihuae fair gift.
  • The heart set is made by IMAGEN and is a must have for 1L!
  • Star kindler lights up your night sky with this lovely set pf stars between green and gold (1L)

And the Cat rules ! With Kesskreation gift, you can show your favourite bloggers (It's us right ? LOL) your love ! So cute!

From left to right, top line first:

  • Amaranthus does fine and detailled jewels like this adorable set that includes different earrings ! (1L)
  • While the ring comes from LR Designs all the other jewels in this case are made by a lovely gentleman, EmCee Widget, owner of MC Designs. It was such a pleasure to see him at this Fair, he is very talented creator and all his items are more than fairly priced.
  • Next are G Field gifts. Shoes from the subscribo and the necklace from the Fair. Wow.. I swear if I have had more money and if being wearing too many prims would not scare me to death, I would have bought the whole G Field booth.
  • Last case of this picture, on the right side I'm wearing bangles from both kraftika and aluinn . In the other one, I'm wearing subscribo gift (necklace) and Fair gift (bracelet) by Silk and Satyr

    From left to right:

    • Aurora Borealis spoils us with the earth set including necklace and earrings.
    • Some things must remains in your own Secret Garden, but some are made to be shown !
    • And I sooooo love the Serenity Set I got from MC Designs... but it's not free !

    And last .. but certainly not the least, and as my friend Shay would say... "Long Live the Bunny Babes !"
    By Eye Candy .. Fair Gift.. and Bunny babes being a bunch of crazy minds that I adore

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