Friday, September 4, 2009


Let me introduce you the brand new skins by my dear friend Rainy, the wonderful mind behind **Firefall**... Sofian.
Extremely feminine, evily sensual, those skins are just looking stunning.
Proof is.. I'm horribly picky on skins, and after going through a huge bunch of well-known skin-makers.. only the Sofian would satisfy me for Mae's look.
I'm showing here to you a great panel of those skins, so you can appreciate the quality !
Bottom line: From Sofian Black Brows pack (from left to right) Violet, Pink, Nude 1, Nude 3, Red 2 and Red 1.

As you can see, there are several make-up options, smokey eyes, lips color etc... but there is also a freckles pack ! You can see the attention Rainy has put in her creations with those cute freckles!

And last but not the least !! This awesome edition of Sofian is to win in the luck chairs, along with the Deep Impact eyes in purple. So what are you waiting for ? Hurry there !

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