Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm bad, I know it, I have what you want!

-*folds her arms and tries to look all bad and stuff...n...stuff...yeah!*- Check out the cute new hair from Sanura Sakai just out at Sanu. Not only is this hair adorable, it comes with -*tries to hold in the squee of joy*- Punkins! Yes, tiny little punkins, all poofy and floofy and fantanstic. So far this hair is only available in a beautiful caramel brown as a dollarbie for you to test. Sanura will be putting out a full color spectrum of this hair before you know it, and the dollarbie wearable demo will be all poofed! So run buy and grab yours today. Oh yeah, I see you squinting at that tiny taste of a closeup in the first picture so.....

Yes, that would be me, werkin that awesome hair by the cute Halloween cuppy cakes in Sanu. For those who prefer not to squee through the grid in excitement over the punkins, a punkin-less version is also in the wearable demo pack. Oh's where you'll find it.

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