Sunday, October 4, 2009

Status Quome: Double-Posting! Ack don't kill me!

OK I read about some awesome sales, and found one more I hadn't seen mentioned yet, so I had to blog! Gabby at SLEX and the City blog was raving about the Decoy sale, so I fought my way over and OMG she wasn't kidding! Freebies and sales on some great stuff, even fatpacks! Tip: De-prim and turn off local lights (to avoid getting blinded by facelights like I did).

Hair (with colorchange band) and dress, perfect Halloween colors, isn't it! Both from Decoy, free!
Boots: PM "Rea" Black, 50L
PixelMode is having another 50L sale, on everything! That's twice this year I've gone broke in that store, and willingly.
Skin: Rockberry "Sasha" SALE! 50L/singles or 250L/fatpack

Also from Rockberry is this Vamp outfit, Halloween freebie!
Skin: JE*Republic Elf Skin-Flower (lucky board prize)

Left: Rockberry Jester costume with skin and sad-face shape (not worn) Halloween freebie!
Boots: PM "Posh" leather boots 50L sale
Middle: Outfit & Boots, Pop Tart "Astral Queen" freebie
Hair: Vanity Hair "Babilone" (colorchange bows!) HTGT hunt gift
Skin: The U-Neek "Evil Nature" Skin Duck hunt gift, 1L
Art: HoWear Girl and Skull stained glass freebie
Right: Outfit Last Period "onepeace 0002" blue, lucky board prize
Socks: DJunk star socks, free or 1L, I forget
Hair: IrEn "Out of Bed" female HTGT hunt gift
Skin" The U-Neek "Evil Spirited" Skin Duck hunt gift, 1L

Outfit: SWANSON "Diamond Skull" purple longshirt, freebie (upstairs)
Hair: Oni Product "Lucky" blackbrown, HTGT hunt gift
Skin: The U-Neek "Pale Grid Grey" Skin Duck hunt gift, 1L
Boots: M'Z Engineer Boots, former lucky board prize
Broom: XOXO Adventween gift 1L, new one every day!

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