Friday, September 11, 2009

Following Ariadne's thread

.. I found Ghanima's last creation. Ariadne. Obviously, a greek muse kicked in her wonderful mind and whispered to her this wonderful dress. The ribbon socks are included, and it is not showing very well but there is a sleeve on the right arm. I just noticed my picture isn't very much showing it.. duh >.> [But you can take better one and throw them in our flickr, so they'll be displayed on the blog * Check the tools in the right column]

As per usual, there is a group only color, and it's the gorgeous black version of Ariadne. Got get yours here .

Other stuff:
Hair: Silky by Magika (Used to be a discount)
Necklace: Miamai Stones Silver (non free but there is an opening gift to get)
Boots: Lost Souls by KC Creations

Hair: Gem by Magika (Was Running with Scissors hunt gift)
Boots: Phoenix Designs and **Firefall** Highheel boots in red

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