Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This hair. House of Munster OMFG hair in MIA special colours. ONE LINDEN. HERE. Go now this is only here until the Dead Town sim poofs forever, u have like SECONDS. Next to the hair is a cute shoulder pet (ahem, he is a monster tho ^.~ ), his name is Fizzle and he is the baby brother of Big Fizzle who u can see behind me. Fizzle is free if u are in the HOM group.

Monster Mooching

Sorry for short notice... the notices got sent out my last night when i was asleep :-P

Also a sale on in the House of Munster store just a stroll away, this has been on for a week or so but it will stop also in like only seconds. All Lolli's hair. Its uber cool hair. 100L for a one colour pack. 200L for a fatpack. Everything packs are only 500L.

U no doubt heard Dead Town is no more, it is being dismantled as i type. Very soon it poofs, the sim is sold, and House of Munster is closing for a while. Then u won't be able to get this stuff.

U really gotta hustle if u want this dollarbie or a monster shoulder pet or if u want uber cool HOM hairs for very little

Go Now ^.~

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