Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carnival Bizarre

Matching shoes.
Wow im in love.


This. Dress. Is. Free. OMG.

U better hurry to Tyranny right now and get it cos it will be gone tomorrow. This totally awesum dress is by Show Me On The Doll, as u probably know SMOTD is a favie shop of mine. This giftie is to celebrate the first anniversary of the wonderful Tyranny, famous of course for covetable skins and clothes and a totally atmospheric sim yayz.


Im Gonna Crawl

Also at Tyranny, this is hair is a special offer from Tiny Bird to celebrate the anniversary, it is only 100L for 2 colours and options with or without leaves on the headband, and it will also poof by tomorrow.

There are also other special priced items by other wonderful creators, to celebrate... also gone tomorrow... and a sale of new Tyranny items in the shop, and... u guessed it... sale is over tomorrow....

So hurry hurry hurry.

There were gifties from Tyranny here yesterday for the anniversary... but... unfortunately it seems they have been pulled because some people sent rude ims to Tyr, the owner of Tyranny. i think the ending time has also been moved to earlier, like tomorrow, because of this :-P Why do people persist in doing such so stoooopid stuffs like this? Wot are they thinking? Not thinking maybiez? DOH? *sigh* :-P

Anywayz... on with the post...

Now pay attention lol.
Wow *faints*

Grimm Carni

This is yet another dress in the amazing Grim Bros MM boards. Cutea cycles lots of dresses through these MMs, if u miss a dress one time, it is likely to recycle through again eventually, and stalking these MMs is my new obsession hehe ^.~

Here is another shot of the dress, no reason at all for two shots, just like the way this pic turned out ^.^

Grim Lethargy

So did u notice the shoes? Aren't they awesum? See the metal gears and stuff on the soles and heels and toes? Yeh okiez u gotta squint a bit to see so i took another shot just of the shoes... so u can see how awesum. These shoes were also from the Grim Bros MMs yayz.

Grimm Heels

i think u ought to start stalking these Grim Bros MMs too LOL. i am just floored by the quality of the stuff that these MMs have dropped on me :-D

The hair is House of Munster, HOM is of course no more ;-;
BUT hopefully HOM will resurrect in a small form sometime in the near-ish future....

[Edit: Someone asked about the tiara-head-object-thingy - it is fabulous yes, it is by Dark Mouse, it was free for Dark Mouse's birthday a few days ago but is no longer available... not for free anywayz, i went back and checked and the giftie is no longer there.]

The skin im wearing in all these pics is of course the much blogged Tuli group giftie, the Hope ivory pris goth skin, wear ur group tag and touch the magic mushroom in the centre of the shop under the tree ^.^ The group costs to join, 250L i think, but look at this skin and tell me it ain't worth it :-P

Locations... the amazing Poetik yayz.

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