Friday, September 25, 2009


Well.. yeah. Sometimes, I can't come up with a good title, so you'll have to bear with me and my "I'm-not-inspired" title.
But don't worry, if the title is bad, the goodies are great.
Just like this book from *Y's House* ... well actually this is not the only free book you can grab. You may have noticed the one I hold in the post about Mystic Sky.

In total you have to sneak in 3 different places to get them all. The first one is mentionned before the picture.
Location n°2 is here and Location n°3 is there. What you need to do to get those gifts is ... sit on the stand where the demos are. Try all the book and wait the gift before to stand up!
But now you have to pay a visit to Toe to Toe (T2T) because all the delicious dresses shown just before are from there. The blue one is Izabela.. and as you can see it comes with a bunch of options. Great news.. this is just 1L. And if the color is not your favs, you can get the others for just 75L each. The gorgeous silvery one is Victoria and it's the lucky chair prize. I so loved it I had to try it on human and drow meself. Both rock no ?
Other goodies and yummies are those creations of (from left to right) oyakin, [L3ash] and Envied. While the oyakin is sweet babydoll dress (to grab as a gift in the shelves), the skin I'm wearing with it is a preview from the Skin/Shape Fair. More about it the posts to come. The hair is a giftie from Analog Dog.
The outfit from L3ash is so adorable, I just love it. I really advice you to check this store. Ellie and Goblin are incredibly talented and.. I mean just look at that dress. Perfect mix between cuteness and the adventurous side of myself. The hair is a gift from Exile to grab at the FabFree headquarter (you must join the group first).
The next two dresses are from Envied. The first one is MM prize, called Summer Storm. The second is the subscribo gift, Karma. The hair I'm wearing with it, is once again free at FabFree from Exile. You'll note the cap is colorchange.
And last but surely not the least of this post, the skins I'm wearing all along this post (except for the book and the Skin/Shape preview) are the gift from Dutch Touch. Join the subscribo and they will send you these caramel skins in a gift bag !

Other infos you wanna know:
  1. L3ash has a 7seas fishing area. Go and fish there. If you catch Steamy the fish and are in the first 10 people to do so, you'll be able to receive a fat pack of your choice! [To know if the 10 Steamy are gone, check in the subscribo group. A notice will be sent when they're all gone. But they're rare !]
  2. I'll make a longer post about FabFree headquarters. It's totally awesome. A huge bunch of talented designers gathered there and are offering gifts ! So generous of them ! You'll be able to find there presents from L3ash, Diesel Works, Exile, etc etc
  3. Skin/Shape Expo is starting this weekend. I'll post about the previews as soon as possible, hopefully today. This is going to be totally awesome ! Stay tuned and don't hesitate to check their website!
  4. Plus that makes me ... we are kinda overbooked lately.. lol .. so if you feel like becoming a blogger.. remember you can always contact us ! You could write with us !

Enjoy hugs !

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