Thursday, September 3, 2009

Un[L3ash] your passions

And it's with a great pleasure that I'm presenting this post to you... with the brand new Maelenn !
Maelenn is not my major blog avie, and I had kinda... left her apart those last months, playing more with Suavana. But ! I decided to bring her back and I started with giving her a new look. New shape.. new skin.. new RP !
Yes from now on, Mae sticks to her feline side *winks and wiggles her tail*

But enough about me, and since I unleashed my inner cat,I decided to dedicate this post to a brand new store, which surely looks like a very promising place!

[L3ASH] is Ellie Gilmour and Goblin Crosby's baby, and when I learnt from Elliandra ( secondlife24h blogger )about their mainstore opening, I had to stick my kitty cat nose there.
I wasn't disappointed at all, for the place is filled with awesome and various stuff, from great outfits for the ladies, to tees for the gentlemen and not forgetting the accesories !
Personnally I couldn't resist but to get the Knit bikini, which shows off deliciously the curves, and I adored the black back part. And guess what.. It's only costing you a tiny 75L.
If you smack the subscribo board, you will:
1) Stay tuned with updates, new releases and other yummies.
2) Receive the opening gift box which contains: A tee-shirt for the girls, one for the guys, a leash chain holder and chain and... a 50L gift card !
Gosh l3ash me before I spend all my money there ! ^-^
But before to go.. I couldn't resist to the emotional gumballs. So cute, the 5 of them come in a pack for another 75L. A steal !
Well you've understood it by now.. the place is wonderful and if you're a fishing addict like me, 7seas is out there too. Maybe customs gifts to fish soon ?
If they're cute like the gumballs.. I'll fish for hours !
And I'm showing them here with all the Hope onyx versions available as pick reward at Tuli.
Rose already told you about them and I hope you got them by now !

Other stuff:
Skin: **Firefall** Sofian Black Brows skin - Nude 2 (non-free but worth the penny)
Hair: Cake Harlow in Black (375L)
Ears and Tail: [ATOMIC] Hybrid_Feline SH_Basic Set
Same skin, hair, tail. Jeans are a freebie from **Firefall**
Skins: Tuli Hope onyx - Pick Reward Gift
Hair: Vixen Karma in Blackmail - Demonology Hunt gift

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