Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love you Mom

And don't we all love our moms ? I don't have any mom (nor kids) in SL... yeah I simply blossomed into the grid as the pretty flowers in spring... but I still enjoyed very much the Mother and Daughter Hunt.
Thanks Gertie for the heads up ^-^ ... And there are loads of great designers to check, so remember to hunt for the hearts (either for Mother/Daughter or one for each) but also to pay attention to the other designs. Those designers are talented, and generous ! But let's now look at the goodies.

Cute furnitures by Razzberry, the classy sink for the mothers and the adorable set for the little ones. Chicatique gives out a great outfit, available in adult and child versions !
One summer outfit from Magia, one romantic dress from Kissed by Lithium, and a great compromise by Swank !
While I take some well deserved rest on my brand new cushion (courtesy of Sunshine Designs), I'm quite happy of KK's Designs gift. Casual look, but still stylish with the shirt tied around your waist. Gumi Flower Shop got me squealing of joy with the sanseveria, one of my favourite plant (looks good and don't die too easily ! lol). And Clover rewarded our hunting skills with a beautiful set of eyes.

And meh loves Evie's Closet, who offers a tiny version of the Jinx dress. Papillon's spoils you with this elegant purple dress and Holli Pocket gives another great looking outfit !

Other stuff:

All black hair styles are dollarbies from Medley - Brown hair is a Tiny Bird gift in the Poop Hunt (see Rosie's post)

Skin is Hope - Dark Tan kitten from Tuli (non-free)

Holding Heart pose from ImpEle (non-free)

Hunt runs from Sept 1st until Sept 30th. Starting Point: Here * More infos in the hunt blog

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