Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A drop of Blue Blood

I love Blue Blood... I was very honored of being a model for Ghanima Uriza, until she had to stop having model at her store due to some Cryo Life users.. who found a breach in SL and steal designer's creations.
Can we say it enough ?! Contents theft, even in SL *IS* a RL crime and lead to RL consequences. There are some designers for who SL is their main income, and it's how they feed their family. Respect them, respect their work. Don't steal.. Don't buy or pass full perm outfits which appear to be stolen. If you spot an item which seems to be from a different designer, sold full perm or in anyway questionable, there are a few things you can do.
Click on a prim, click more, and more and inspect. It will give you the info about it, creator, creation date etc. If you bought this outfit from X and it says it's made by Y.. check if the person is a reseller.
Save a snap in your hardrive, make a NC and contact the designer you think originally made the outfit.
Believe me, you won't bother them, and even if the outfit is fine, they will be glad you cared for them.

But now let's talk of Blue Blood. The delicious Ghanima has released a new dress, called Lorena. It's adorable, and I just fell in love for the bustier. The group only version is Lorena in Black !
And Ghanima is not only talented but also generous. While the lucky boards are filled with all the colors of this delicious dress, the black one was sent out to the group members as a gift ! Awesome no ?

Pic 1:
Hair styles from Tiny Bird - Gifts of the Poop Hunt
Skin by Tiny Bird (Starlight) - Gift of the Poop Hunt
Boots - Lost Souls in Black by KC Designs

Pic 2:
Hair: Cassie by
Skin: Hope gothic by Tuli (new release)

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