Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 reasons to love sugar

Those reasons ! Adorable dresses that we would die for !
Two different locations to visit though !
For the two in the middles ---> here
The purple one is a survey gift. You need to go to this link .. fill the survey and once it's done you'll receive a password. Then in-world at the location I mentionned before, touch the vendor, and say the password. You'll then receive this cute dress!
The dolly dress is there as well for the group members ^-^

For the two other dresses, you have to visit the ICON location .. and stay tuned.. I visited more of ICON and got back with my basket full of goodies !

Woopsie ! One more !

Well while visiting the grid this morning and digging my invent to find the slurl for this post .. I found one more Sugarcube location.. with one more GIFT !
Here !!

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