Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Grim Goodbye

Super fast post here....

LOOK @.@

Its Grimm Up North

i only discovered Grim Bros a few days ago yeh i know i am sloooow :-P

So now i am stalking the 3 MMs at Grim Bros with great dedication, because the most wonderful things are put into these MMs!! The Heroine dress in the pic was the last prize... it is not in the MM today, sowwy, the prizes change every couple of days, but don't despair! There is an equally completely stunning awesum gown in its place, it is green with black embroidery, oh my *swoon*... i can't show u that one since i have not got it yet heh.

(Edit: i believe the Heroine dress will recycle back thru the MM at some future time yayz ^.^ )

The second MM has a pair of super uber amazing red steampunk pumps, and the third one a cute tiny avie... a snorkelbunny - aww bless it is so cute ^.~

The skin *faints* look look @.@

Grimm Babee

This is the second skin in the LittleGirl lucky chairs, it is the Me(Weep) skin. i showed the other skin in my last post ^.^

The hair is Diversity's Natsumi. The location? The so atmospheric Wretched Hollow :-D

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