Friday, September 4, 2009

Baring it for Adam n Eve Skins

Imagine my wild squee of joy when designer Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve dropped this amazing pack of skins on me to try on, and you'll be off the mark. I was passed out cold on the floor! When I came round, I scurried like mad, trying to figure out what to wear, how to wear it, where to wear it for pictures and finally settled on...bare. Thank goodness for a sunny, windless day! This is the new Adam n Eve Portia Skin in Tone 4 Freckled Blond. I've added a closeup of this one so you can get a look at the delicate freckles and the wonderful blond brows.

Freckled closeup:

Porita Skin Tone 4 Evergreen:

Portia Skin Tone 3 in Natural:

Portia in Skin Tone 1 Natural:

Adam n Eve new Mei Li 2 Geisah

Hair: Adam n Eve - Cristina _3blond
Earrings: Burroughs - Emma Earrings
Leaves: Maple?

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