Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well how to make myself... understand myself (Mae) and myself (Sua)... happy ?
Easy.. I just went to Phoenix Designs and Firefall .. Yeah for those reading for the first time, it might be not YET obvious I do adore both Fly and Jasfrasa's creations. Those two ladies are totally awesome, and not only about the imagination and the talent they show in each of their creations. But also because they are incredibly generous.
Equestrienne as we knew it, is not a new release, though it still remains totally gorgeous. So will you tell me, what is the point of blogging an old release ? Well because, and I'm quoting Jasfrasa... Equestrienne is back.. and in black.
Woot woot says the black addicted.
But, there is more. Equestrienne is brown is on sale ! For how long ? No idea, that's the trick. But you can grab that gorgeous outfit right now for a ridiculously small price. And as they are absolutely generous, and since part of the Equestrienne outfit in Brown used to be in the lucky chair, you can buy JUST what you need.
Pack of shirts, skirts or the jacket (warning it's stunning but primmy) for 9L per pack.

The boots are still a must grab in the chair.. or just buy them.

What ? You seriously thought it was all ? Nope.
The Equestrienne in black (yep yep I know I'm gorgeous.. blame it on the outfit) is stuffed in the lucky chairs ! And in the Midnight Mania !
How good does that feel? So hurry there and don't forget to give a hug to those great ladies if you see them !

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