Thursday, September 3, 2009

She's A Dragon Lady

So im doing the Twisted hunt and i came to the Shopatorium at Galinas where i found there is a hunt going on until 7 September... the Back to School Apple hunt... large red apples dotted around the shops, easy to find ^.^

And then i found a square full of cute freebies HERE. Like jewellery. And. This. Dragon. Dress. Yayz :-D

Enter The Dragon

i dunno who made this dress, the lm included in the folder goes to a land sale now :-P But anywayz, i luv it :-DDD

And, look at this skin whoohoo yayz ^.^

Dragon Geisha

This is the Bori skin it is made by LittleGirl and it is free on one of the 3 lucky chairs there... together with another skin and a cute outfit and a shoulder dollie and other cool stuffs yayz :-)

The hair also is awesum yes? It's not free but u can buy it at Mau's & Mej's , where u can find lots of other uber awesum and unusual hair ^.^

Watch out now she's breathing fire... she's a dragon lady ^.~

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