Sunday, September 13, 2009


EDIT: Sweetpie Shay (Check her blog!) told me other versions of the awesome Nushru dresses are in the actual Lemania hunt. Sneak there and got them

Uff.. Meh is very tired.. so this won't be long ... Go at LVS Drive to get all this stuff. Hunt prizes are set to 1L/box.

*LVS* MM prize, to slap near the Madhatter table. Cross and puppet AO included.

Uff.. inventory overloaded, so I'll try to dig precise name later, but all are 1L, either hunt or store's gifts.

Queen of Heart hunt prize.
Unbirthday present *Handel Store* - Queen of Heart hunt - MM prize *WhoNose*

All Queen of Heart hunt prizes *LVS* Cute no ! The crown is available for 1L in several styles near the unbirthday presents.. to be found at the Madhatter table.

Queen of Heart hunt prizes *Nushru* I love Quiver she is an awesome and generous designer!*Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal* Unirthday present - Group gift and Queen of Heart hunt prize

From left to right:
Bottom line:
*LVS* Forest Maiden in Red (1L) [This is a temporary offer so grab it asap, not sure how long it'll say at this price, 6 colors available]
*First Look* [This store is joined with LVS, but all is always 1L, items change according to the season ^-^] Babydoll dress "Coolnights" in green (1L)
*First Look* Coolkitten in purple (1L)
Top line:
*LVS* 7seas fishing prize "tuttifrutti pack" all colors included if you're lucky enough to fish it !
Note there are other great gifties like Kaiwai necklaces too :) And the bikini shown below! Let me know if there is more to get !
Bottom line:
Insignia tatoos are DSN prize from Astral Blossom

The black dress is Flirt last ladies group gift

Top line:

*LVS* Bikini 7seas fishing prize

*Nushru* Queen of Heart Hunt prize

Red dress is lucky chair prize from Canimal

Adorable butterfly on the shoulder ? Courtesy of L3ash for the group members !

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