Monday, September 28, 2009

Status Quome: Victorious!

Hi y'all! I've needed to make a new post but every time I tried to take a pic in-world, my screen blacked out and SL crashed. =( It's still doing it, just not every time, so I only got like 4 pics saved. I have a guy coming to look at it soon, it's probably an easy fix that I'm too blonde to figure out, lol.

Aaaanyway. I finally got into the Skin Expo, and I made it through all of it, so yay! It took like forever cause of the lag, and by now it's probably been blogflogged, but I'm going to show my hard-won pics anyway so there. =P

Dress: Coquette "Pure Elegance" in Wine, Sept. group gift
Hair (and nails): Body By Eve "Bad Honey" Skin Expo gift
Shape: Kittylicious "Statuesque" Skin Expo gift (great place to go for more voluptuous shapes!)
Shoes: ETD d'Orsay Stiletto in Eggplant

Skin: Exodi "Lily" Cedar Frosted, Skin Expo gift (several tones included!)
Lashes: Silhouette Skin Expo gift
Jewelry: Ticky Tacky "Juicy Bead" set in Boysenberry
Eyes: Poetic Colors Blue Autumn freebie

Outfit: Amaris "Amelie" summer outfit, DSN gift
Hair: Digital Dollhouse "Pips" (my LM goes to a casino, search goes to a sim for sale, sorry!)
Shoes: DUH Lemon suede ankle boot, SOS hunt gift (still out)
Shape: Shape it Up! "Lioness" Skin Expo gift

Skin: Rockberry "Megan" Skin Expo gift (4 tones included)
Jewelry: RIPE "Litzi Lemon Burst" 10L (omg sooo cute! Matching scooter there too!)
Eyes: Skin Within "Lush Eyes" Skin Expo gift

All pics taken in La Petite Mort "Bryant Park Skybox" Skin Expo gift, it's a model runway with a separate dressing room!
Skin/Shape Expo SLURLS and previews: click here
Poses from Ray Skin and Elisa's


Well what else would I be blogging?! Moonshine has a lovely dollarbie out for both the ladies and the males, unfortunately I couldn't quite blog the male outfit but here's the female's
There are two tees and the shorts. The hair is a cheapie, 20l, from ETD and another of the 80l sale at Junwave, and the boots aren't so cheap but are from sf designs for 200l and are super cute, especially for the winter!
Saff xx

Friday, September 25, 2009

You Wear It Well (Ho)

Ho Wear
Fab floaty seriously black lace dress!
U got til 8pm tonite to get it!
Go Go Go!


Oh, ummm, also btw: it comes with TWO facial piercings woot \o/


Well.. yeah. Sometimes, I can't come up with a good title, so you'll have to bear with me and my "I'm-not-inspired" title.
But don't worry, if the title is bad, the goodies are great.
Just like this book from *Y's House* ... well actually this is not the only free book you can grab. You may have noticed the one I hold in the post about Mystic Sky.

In total you have to sneak in 3 different places to get them all. The first one is mentionned before the picture.
Location n°2 is here and Location n°3 is there. What you need to do to get those gifts is ... sit on the stand where the demos are. Try all the book and wait the gift before to stand up!
But now you have to pay a visit to Toe to Toe (T2T) because all the delicious dresses shown just before are from there. The blue one is Izabela.. and as you can see it comes with a bunch of options. Great news.. this is just 1L. And if the color is not your favs, you can get the others for just 75L each. The gorgeous silvery one is Victoria and it's the lucky chair prize. I so loved it I had to try it on human and drow meself. Both rock no ?
Other goodies and yummies are those creations of (from left to right) oyakin, [L3ash] and Envied. While the oyakin is sweet babydoll dress (to grab as a gift in the shelves), the skin I'm wearing with it is a preview from the Skin/Shape Fair. More about it the posts to come. The hair is a giftie from Analog Dog.
The outfit from L3ash is so adorable, I just love it. I really advice you to check this store. Ellie and Goblin are incredibly talented and.. I mean just look at that dress. Perfect mix between cuteness and the adventurous side of myself. The hair is a gift from Exile to grab at the FabFree headquarter (you must join the group first).
The next two dresses are from Envied. The first one is MM prize, called Summer Storm. The second is the subscribo gift, Karma. The hair I'm wearing with it, is once again free at FabFree from Exile. You'll note the cap is colorchange.
And last but surely not the least of this post, the skins I'm wearing all along this post (except for the book and the Skin/Shape preview) are the gift from Dutch Touch. Join the subscribo and they will send you these caramel skins in a gift bag !

Other infos you wanna know:
  1. L3ash has a 7seas fishing area. Go and fish there. If you catch Steamy the fish and are in the first 10 people to do so, you'll be able to receive a fat pack of your choice! [To know if the 10 Steamy are gone, check in the subscribo group. A notice will be sent when they're all gone. But they're rare !]
  2. I'll make a longer post about FabFree headquarters. It's totally awesome. A huge bunch of talented designers gathered there and are offering gifts ! So generous of them ! You'll be able to find there presents from L3ash, Diesel Works, Exile, etc etc
  3. Skin/Shape Expo is starting this weekend. I'll post about the previews as soon as possible, hopefully today. This is going to be totally awesome ! Stay tuned and don't hesitate to check their website!
  4. Plus that makes me ... we are kinda overbooked lately.. lol .. so if you feel like becoming a blogger.. remember you can always contact us ! You could write with us !

Enjoy hugs !

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Give me a head with hair..."

The Cowsills sang about Hair in the 60's...and I so resemble that song!!! I love all kinds of hair...
these three come from COLORS! Men's Hair Styles...sooooooo cute they are...
"Shoulder length or longer!" ~*Dawn

When Passion is posing

Special Group gift at Diesel Works ... And those ones are group members only !
Those amazing couple poses are yours for free if you belong to the group. Having no gentleman to model them with me.. I show you the beautiful add pictures featured at the store.
Those poses aren't for purchase anymore, and they'll be retired soon. So if you want them.. join the group in-world and grab them as long as they are here!

PixelDolls Group giftie

PixelDolls spoiled us with a gift this morning.. and guess what... it's skins ! And they're pretty !

They're called Peachy and in this cutie pack, you'll find Catalina and Ichigo skins !
From left to right:
Catalina . c . Peachy!
Ichigo . a . Peachy!
Catalina . 003 . Peachy!
(ground) Catalina . 001 . Peachy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New delight at Mystic Sky

Mystic Sky has a new lucky chair price... the Raven gown in Ruby.
As usual Skyler John has realised one wonderful work here, the textures are amazing.

Plus she is organising a contest ! Fall is the theme, so show her your photgrapher talent.
Hit the subscribo to get infos about it, but previous lucky chair prizes are not accepted!

Have fun !

400° post

Wootie .. I just noticed this is our 400° post ! Yay .. It's each day a pleasure to write for you !
And let's celebrate it with Evie's Closet last release.. Fable gown.
For 500L you get all of these three fabulous and delicious styles !

And I couldn't resist either to ETD new release ! Chel is soooooo cute ! And only 75L.

Enjoy and much love to you all

xoxo Mae

Poetic crush

I have to confess... I do have this HUGE crush on Lano Ling, the talented and adorable (and oh so handsome) designer of the eyes of my dreams, Poetic Colors eyes... and since autumn started yesterday, Lano has just released a series of beautiful autumn eyes... and a new freebie! It is called Blue Autumn and well... I love it!

Top: Piece of Candy subscribo group gift
Hair: Analog Dog (not free, but they have a bubble on the beach with a pack of freebies, including this hair in a different color)

Fall .. Fall .. Fall for me

You may now fall for me...

Dress: Miamai - Scilla - Fall Collection (non-free)

Jewelry Fair

Just a quick look at the Jewelry Fair goodies. Remember Look What the Cat Brought has a subscribo group in-world located here and a few days ago, i've sent direct slurls to *almost* all stores with gifts. [Weak client and connexion = Crash easily and Lag even more!] So sorry designers, if I missed to list you there. Anyway and we cannot underline it enough, giving gifts or not, all of them have realised a wonderful work, and while you check their booths for goodies, don't forget to look at the full-priced items that are at least as beautiful !
From left to right, top line first:
  • *FS* Jewelry for the smiley (modified it to be on the top but attaches to the hip)
  • Shine Necklace (1L) plus the amazing flame eyes and the mariposa ring are freebies at her main store. She has lovely eyes and even more beautiful jewels sets. Worth checking it !
  • The ruby and diamond ring is Cihuae fair gift.
  • The heart set is made by IMAGEN and is a must have for 1L!
  • Star kindler lights up your night sky with this lovely set pf stars between green and gold (1L)

And the Cat rules ! With Kesskreation gift, you can show your favourite bloggers (It's us right ? LOL) your love ! So cute!

From left to right, top line first:

  • Amaranthus does fine and detailled jewels like this adorable set that includes different earrings ! (1L)
  • While the ring comes from LR Designs all the other jewels in this case are made by a lovely gentleman, EmCee Widget, owner of MC Designs. It was such a pleasure to see him at this Fair, he is very talented creator and all his items are more than fairly priced.
  • Next are G Field gifts. Shoes from the subscribo and the necklace from the Fair. Wow.. I swear if I have had more money and if being wearing too many prims would not scare me to death, I would have bought the whole G Field booth.
  • Last case of this picture, on the right side I'm wearing bangles from both kraftika and aluinn . In the other one, I'm wearing subscribo gift (necklace) and Fair gift (bracelet) by Silk and Satyr

    From left to right:

    • Aurora Borealis spoils us with the earth set including necklace and earrings.
    • Some things must remains in your own Secret Garden, but some are made to be shown !
    • And I sooooo love the Serenity Set I got from MC Designs... but it's not free !

    And last .. but certainly not the least, and as my friend Shay would say... "Long Live the Bunny Babes !"
    By Eye Candy .. Fair Gift.. and Bunny babes being a bunch of crazy minds that I adore

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Stalking and Shopping

    So after 4 hours stalking one lucky board and an age of shopping, I've grabbed myself some cheap and free goodies to use when I'm being less fae and more naughty...



    Hair @ Junwave (50-80l sale, go while it lasts)

    Dress @ Dreamin'g Alice (Lucky Board)

    Not Free - Shoes @ Delia, Skin @ LoveDOT


    Jacket @ Chikka Design (49l sale)

    Skirt @ Chikka Design (49l Sale)

    Leggings @ Join So Many Styles ({SMS}) group for past notices

    Not Free - Skin was a gift, Hair @ Artilleri, Shoes @ Delia


    Dress @ Chikka Design (49l Sale)

    Not Free - Skin was a gift, Hair @ Dreamin'g Alice

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    Lucky camping at Zenith

    Hello there nice readers!

    I took Rosie stalking yesterday, it cheered us both up, especially when we both got locky and won plenty kyoot outfits! Zenith has two lucky camp chairs, which means you have to actually stay on the stand for 30 seconds to win the prize... Believe me it's a good deal

    All the clothes, Yael's hair, Yael's fruit basket: Zenith, lucky camps
    Skin: On Yael, Tuli; On Rosie, Curio
    Hair on Rosie: Calico

    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Beauty is Always in Style

    Some say beauty is only skin deep, but I happen to think beautiful shoes help! And these are some true beauties, with the unusual and graceful curls from Grim Bros. Gifting Gorilla. Cutea has outdone herself, and even better, they're FREE! I searched around and finally paired them up with a few other items of beauty.

    A kiss for beauty to the always-lovely VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan for this elegant creation. I swear it's made of spun sugar, so light and airy. I enjoyed it so much, I had to take a few extra pictures. (not free but worth the linden love!)

    Another view of this gown from V-Fashion.

    Closeup of the fine details.

    Beautiful watch from Kees Carthage.

    And any stage will do for this lovely froth of beauty in white, I've chosen the reading stump in my friend, Macey's, romantic garden. This gown would be lovely for a wedding or any party as well.

    Last of all, a shoey closeup on these beautiful shoes with the silvery bows which I paired with the frothy white. A wonderful DSN gifting from Miri Carami of Coriander Shoes - I love these pumps! If anyone knows the current location of this shop, I'd love a whisper. In the meantime, sign up for DSN if you haven't already.

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Elegance !

    Elegance is the word that can describe the best those outfits !
    Gowns from Sascha's Designs.. The royal blue is a limited time offer at 1L.. the little black dress is this month group gift "September". And cherry on the top... Sascha has set the box of September tops for 75L. 11 colors that can match both the Royal blue and the September gown!
    The two outfits on the bottom line are gifties by Doux Petit. And guess what.. I'm not showing all of the actual goodies available for free at the mall. Plus plenty of stores are taking part in the SOS hunt !
    Go have a look!

    Kouse's group gift!

    The amazing lady Kouse just sent out her latest group gift to her subscribo members... This lovely gown is also available in store for non-members for 100l$ for a limited time... Hurry and go slap it, you don't want to miss the next one...

    Dress: Ariel in Black, Kouse's Sanctum, september group gift
    Hair: Magika (not free)
    Skin: Curio (not free)

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Modavia Fashion Week

    Hurryyyyy !
    It's ending today.. the week has been wonderful and full of great fashion, talented designers and amazing creations.
    So here are a few of the gifts you can get there and since I'm super kind (and super late), i'll give direct slurls!
    Leezu monokini.. Simply gorgeous no ? B! Fashion shoes are scripted, to change skin, nail and toe ring color!
    The lingerie is by Angel Dessous, and the jewel set is Lesley Collection.. all in the Modavia Fashion Week Giftbag to grab here. There is another Angel Dessous gift in their booth. Next outfit is from Kunglers Gift bag. The tunic is courtesy of Malt and the pants are part of MEB present.
    The earrings are Digit Darkes creation, the red dress is designed by Nicky Ree. The elegant black and white dress is Miamai.. ^-^ Monica is very talented ! And the necklace was from the Modavia gift bag for ladies too.

    4 reasons to love sugar

    Those reasons ! Adorable dresses that we would die for !
    Two different locations to visit though !
    For the two in the middles ---> here
    The purple one is a survey gift. You need to go to this link .. fill the survey and once it's done you'll receive a password. Then in-world at the location I mentionned before, touch the vendor, and say the password. You'll then receive this cute dress!
    The dolly dress is there as well for the group members ^-^

    For the two other dresses, you have to visit the ICON location .. and stay tuned.. I visited more of ICON and got back with my basket full of goodies !

    Woopsie ! One more !

    Well while visiting the grid this morning and digging my invent to find the slurl for this post .. I found one more Sugarcube location.. with one more GIFT !
    Here !!

    She is back !

    Yay ... Ding is back and that means .. new flats !
    To get here and now ! *jumps of joy all around the grid*


    Well how to make myself... understand myself (Mae) and myself (Sua)... happy ?
    Easy.. I just went to Phoenix Designs and Firefall .. Yeah for those reading for the first time, it might be not YET obvious I do adore both Fly and Jasfrasa's creations. Those two ladies are totally awesome, and not only about the imagination and the talent they show in each of their creations. But also because they are incredibly generous.
    Equestrienne as we knew it, is not a new release, though it still remains totally gorgeous. So will you tell me, what is the point of blogging an old release ? Well because, and I'm quoting Jasfrasa... Equestrienne is back.. and in black.
    Woot woot says the black addicted.
    But, there is more. Equestrienne is brown is on sale ! For how long ? No idea, that's the trick. But you can grab that gorgeous outfit right now for a ridiculously small price. And as they are absolutely generous, and since part of the Equestrienne outfit in Brown used to be in the lucky chair, you can buy JUST what you need.
    Pack of shirts, skirts or the jacket (warning it's stunning but primmy) for 9L per pack.

    The boots are still a must grab in the chair.. or just buy them.

    What ? You seriously thought it was all ? Nope.
    The Equestrienne in black (yep yep I know I'm gorgeous.. blame it on the outfit) is stuffed in the lucky chairs ! And in the Midnight Mania !
    How good does that feel? So hurry there and don't forget to give a hug to those great ladies if you see them !

    Sunday, September 13, 2009


    EDIT: Sweetpie Shay (Check her blog!) told me other versions of the awesome Nushru dresses are in the actual Lemania hunt. Sneak there and got them

    Uff.. Meh is very tired.. so this won't be long ... Go at LVS Drive to get all this stuff. Hunt prizes are set to 1L/box.

    *LVS* MM prize, to slap near the Madhatter table. Cross and puppet AO included.

    Uff.. inventory overloaded, so I'll try to dig precise name later, but all are 1L, either hunt or store's gifts.

    Queen of Heart hunt prize.
    Unbirthday present *Handel Store* - Queen of Heart hunt - MM prize *WhoNose*

    All Queen of Heart hunt prizes *LVS* Cute no ! The crown is available for 1L in several styles near the unbirthday presents.. to be found at the Madhatter table.

    Queen of Heart hunt prizes *Nushru* I love Quiver she is an awesome and generous designer!*Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal* Unirthday present - Group gift and Queen of Heart hunt prize

    From left to right:
    Bottom line:
    *LVS* Forest Maiden in Red (1L) [This is a temporary offer so grab it asap, not sure how long it'll say at this price, 6 colors available]
    *First Look* [This store is joined with LVS, but all is always 1L, items change according to the season ^-^] Babydoll dress "Coolnights" in green (1L)
    *First Look* Coolkitten in purple (1L)
    Top line:
    *LVS* 7seas fishing prize "tuttifrutti pack" all colors included if you're lucky enough to fish it !
    Note there are other great gifties like Kaiwai necklaces too :) And the bikini shown below! Let me know if there is more to get !
    Bottom line:
    Insignia tatoos are DSN prize from Astral Blossom

    The black dress is Flirt last ladies group gift

    Top line:

    *LVS* Bikini 7seas fishing prize

    *Nushru* Queen of Heart Hunt prize

    Red dress is lucky chair prize from Canimal

    Adorable butterfly on the shoulder ? Courtesy of L3ash for the group members !