Friday, July 31, 2009

Absolutely Faebulous

Hello!! Just a quickie to tell you that the new group gift is out at Simply Fae... Wear your group tag, get to the first floor (or second if you're american lol) and buy this stunning gown for only 1l$...

I will be away on holidays for the next two weeks (will be back on the 18th) so even if I am able to log on SL a bit, there probably be no blogging for me... But our whole amazing team will be there to keep you posted on amazing freebies and cheapies!

See you soon

What to do with 100L$.....

(For all these pictures, do click on them to view them better!)

So we all know what it's like, you join Second Life and you're faced with a selection of avatars to start with, and I'm sure we can all agree that they're not... well, the cream of the crop!
So this is Bay (Bai meaning 100 in Chinese) She only has 100l in her pocket to make herself look lovely, and this is what this blog is all about, making your self look fantastic with little or no money!

Skins, Shapes and Eyes
The key thing to do is to get a good skin and a good shape, the majority of good skin shops have freebies and so aren’t too difficult to get hold of, shapes are a different matter but some free skins DO come with a good shape!

(From left to right)

Rockberry – Megan A tan – LuckyBoard (0l)
Rockberry – Megan A Natural (Freckles) – LuckyBoard (0l)
Rockberry – Cinderella Hunt Item (0l)
Pleiades @ The Gnubie Store (0l)
Frick – PurpleShadow V2 (0l)
Frick – PurpleShadow and Shape (0l)
Frick – Pink Glammy (0l)
Frick – Fireworks (0l)
Eyes are the window to the soul and so a cute pair are worth splashing out on!Eyes: Intense brown/aqua – Sin Skins @ PixelDolls (10l)


Cheap hair can be found anywhere but sometimes cheap and good quality can be difficult to find. ETD and Philotic Energy have a 1l discount section with seemingly every colour under the sun available for 1l.

Philotic Energy – Peri in Blonde (1l)
ETD – Melanie in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Katherine in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Jolleen in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Chandra in Dirty (1l)


Well I couldn’t have her wandering about in bare feet now could I?


Truth @ The Gnubie Store – Purple Wedges (0l)
R2 – Blue Heels (0l)
Duh – Colour Change Ladies Sneakers (1l)
Duh – Berry Clogs (were 1l)
Duh – Orange Crocodile Wedges (Lucky Chair 0l)

The Night Life

Evening wear, club wear, an evening stroll with a special someone…. Violet and Black are the colours of the night!

1: Random Fashions @ The Gnubie Store - Very Skinny Jeans (1l)
PixelDolls - Atlantis Jacket (10l)

2: Rebel Hope @ The Gnubie Store - Freebie Short Lace Dress (0l)

3: Very Skinny Jeans
Sweet Dreams @ PixelDolls - Open Halter Purple (10l)

4: Sweet Dreams @ PixelDolls - lace black (10l)

Summer Wear!

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about summer? Summer wear is essential in a world where it’s summer all year round! If you're either looking sexy, avoiding being seen in huge shades or jogging on the beach, you always need to look super awesome!
Picture 1: BowerBird - Bauhaus Pendant (20l)
BowerBird - Retro Zoo shades (20l)
SDB – Summer Dress (0l)

Picture 2: BowerBird - Retro Zoo shades
Shampoo - Drop Dress Orange (1l)

Picture 3: PixelDolls – Bikini (10l)
Nala – Sunglasses (0l)

Picture 4: Nala - Sunglasses
Nyte 'n' Day @ The Gnubie Store - Ice Cream Outfit (0l)

Chilling Out

After looking sexy all night and cool out in the sun, you just want to kick back and relax with friends, shopping, watching a movie and just looking plain cute!

Picture 1: Honey Soul - Rising Star (0l)

Picture 2: Chikka Design (0l)

Picture 3: artilleri @ The Gnubie Store - Jennae dress in pink (1l)

Picture 4: FD @ The Gnubie Store- Chu (0l)
Very Skinny Jeans

And Finally

If you just want to look really, really bizarre!
PixelDolls - Snake Charmer (10l)

(Items not show AO and Face light (0l) at Rockberry)

Thanks for reading, Have a brilliant Summer!

Saff xxx

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Gurl is Back in Town

i'm ba'aack!!!

So did u notice i haven't been around lately? Did u miss me? LOL. i've been such a *bad* blogger sowwy :-P But anywayz i'm here now so without further ado....

What i've got for u today is.... 2 cool shops and 2 sobby wails.

Lets get 1 of the wails out of the way first heh. Have u ever had those times when rl rears up out of the glutinous swamp where it haz been lurking kinda tamed for the last little while.... and... seizes u round the throat with its sticky tentacles... and... half throttles u as it tries 2 drag u down into the mire so it can chew u up and spit out ur bones? U have? Good... that means i don't have to explain why i haven't been around for a while :-P

So now onto sumthing fun... 2 cool shops... yayz!! ^.^ Today's post features... Sick With Lust and The U-Neek! Woot!!

i should have blogged these like weeks ago but i been busy tryin to escape from that swamp :-P

So lookee at this outfit!! Woot!! Neon is the new pink!! Yayz!!

Peace Bro

This is the Frankenstein dress by super talented Red Pralou of Sick With Lust. It comes in various colours and costs 250L. And it is so much fun to wear hehe... u don't get overlooked in the crowd put it that way ^.~ Give u a tip - ya gotta like Frankenstein LOL. And neon ^.^ And since neon is the new pink... thats not gonna be tooooo hard yes?

At Sick With Lust there is a MM with a cool dress in it which i still haven't got cuz no one will come when i call heh :-P AND there is a lucky toilet that will blow ur... yeh well, just be careful when ur letter comes up allrite? But its got REALLY COOL STUFFS. LOL. And where is this colourful garden u ask? It's Red's garden, it's outside her shop ^.^

So... u noticed the hair? My grey and red wool hair with horns? See here i am pondering how i so luv this hair ^.^ Lookee lookee, close up:


Too cool huh? This is the Devilish hair by treebee Withnail, the designer behind the uber unique The U-Neek :-) i luvs it so.... AND yayz - but hurry hurry - its in one of the...

...FOUR MMs at The U-Neek woot! AND there's another of those lucky (?) toilets with outfits in it... if u dare :-P Three of the MMs have jeans and cool cyber boots. The fourth MM has the Devilish hair ^.^

And while ur there, have a look round, treebee has a little mini treasure hunt she has set out dollarbie green stars and blue kinda duck thingys with gifties in them... i think they are gonna be out til Sunday.

This next hair is The U-Neek's Candifleur hair, totally awesum, the Candifleur was in the MM til midnight last night.. but now its gonna cost u 200L sowwy if u missed it... i took the pics thinking it was gonna stay in the MM... but anywayz its so totally worth the lindens :-P


So... u noticed the dress? LOL :-D

Go On Make My Day

This tutu and the skull stockings are again from Sick With Lust woot. Now this tutu i can't find in the shop... i think i must have got an advance copy... BUT there are a heap of cute net ballet skirts on the second floor AND when the tutu does go out... well this is wot i call a tutu :-D The tops iv scavenged fm various outfits... but the orange top that matches it perfektly is from the Frankenstein dress yayz.

Ok coupla freebies to end with. See the skirt? This is a logo skirt dollarbie from The U-Neek. It hangs beautifully and it is resizable so that is very good.. and i luv logowear when its done well ^.^ And its pink ^.^ And there are lots of other cheapie outfits and hair in a stack at the side of the shop yayz... dollarbies and 5L/10L stuffs... what's not to like ^.^


And then the neccklace - this is free from Sick With Lust, a cute little number which blings red puffs all round ur head hehe... its in the giftie box by the door. (The hair is another style from The U-Neek - WhiteBlak Medulla - not free but amazing)

FreebyJeeby Necklace

All shoez and bootz in this post are the skilled work of Oriana Kuhr of Dilly Dolls (not free).

Now didn't i promise you TWO sobby wails? i think i did. So here is the second wail:

You noticed the skins yes? Aren't they divine? Oh yeh they so are ^.^ U want them. i want more of em. Well... toooooo bad :-P These skins are by Ellie Celt of Eat Rice. And that means, yes, that's right, Eat Rice exists no longer, for quite a while now. i just thought i'd share that with u since im in a kinda waily mood right now :-P


So lets hear it... all together now...


Monday, July 27, 2009

Before to sleep

Welcome ! Where ? To Mystic Sky of course ! Let's first start with the free outfits generously offered by Skyler John. So if you plan on visiting a medieval sim, or if you're just in a fantasy medieval mood, go get those awesome outfits for you and your beloved !

Next is Raven Gown in Summer Blue, which has been sent out to Mystic Sky group members as we celebrated the 300th member joining us.

The next two gowns are Aria Swansong's creations, the very same Aria who is behind Aria's Dream. And good thing, they are to get in the lucky chair ! New gifties sound good right ?!

The Llyra gown in pink is simply a miracle and if you remember right the Llyra in Summer Sea was this month group gift ! And the FaerieMeadow is an adorable gown, and its Apricot color, just makes you wan to eat some !

Also note two hairtsyles shown in these pictures.. The very long one in the top picture is Lola, from Analog Dog, and great news, Queue Marlowe, the talented designer of Analog's hair is holding a sale. All items in the sale section are down to 20L and a good amount of other styles have seen their prices reduced!

The other hairstyle to notice is Natalie, the latest release by Kouse's Sanctum. You must also get the accessories specially made to match this style, and delicately crafted by Kouse for you!

And with those last words for you... Meh is going to bed ! Enjoy !

If only the weather...

...was the same in drabby dull UK.

For then I would dash out and try and find a super hot bikini like the one Tuli has on their lucky chair! The cute neko and star tattoo are on the chair too!
Saff xx

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Status Quome: Totally Lit!

Hey y'all! As you know, I've only been on SL about 6 months but I learn stuff almost every day. One of the coolest things was how to change light settings. A lot of people have a copy of the "recommended Windlight settings" notecard. I've seen it called Redgrave or Belleza settings but they're the same, made by Caliah Lyon. There are others too, with different variances, made by other creators.

So I wanna post something a lil different today for anyone who doesn't have the notecard or doesn't know just what changing light settings can do. First, here's Caliah's website with her settings. The great thing is that with the newest viewers, if you use Windlight you don't need an attachment facelight. So, when you TP into someplace crowded, your brilliant glow won't blind everyone nearby and interfere with local lighting. This is good!

The other interesting thing, that I learned a while back thanks to a note sent out by Dick from WoE, is the prim-tinting issue. It's explained on the site above but I'm going to show you the difference and how to (usually) fix it.

This is the default SL "Midday" setting, with no facelight. Bleh!

This is the same default, with a standard facelight. Face looks good, but what about all those shadows? You know, those ones that move every time you do and make the unlit parts of your av look all funked up?

This is using the recommended settings from above website. And NO facelight! Now, I probably should have been outdoors to show this off the best, but look at the difference in the skin between the 1st pic and the 3rd. And the attached skirt blends so much better!

Speaking of...

OK, if you have clothes that were maybe made before Viewer 1.22, or by someone not using these settings, when you DO change your lighting they could look mismatched or off-color. That's cause with the old viewers, creators had to tint attachments gray. With Windlight and/or the settings above, the gray causes that mis-matching.

If your skirt, belt or other attachment is modify (and hopefully it is!) you can fix this yourself really easily. Just right-click the attachment and Edit, then click the Texture tab. (You might need to "edit linked parts" if there's a lot of pieces and only one or two don't match, like with a belt that has buckles or whatever. Or if the attachment has alpha textures, like the lace on the one I'm wearing. Don't select the lace!) If the Color box is gray, just click it, select white, save it and poof! Your skirt now matches the rest of the outfit! This also works in reverse btw, if you're NOT running Windlight and nobody told your skirt this factoid. Just edit the skirt and change the white to light gray.

After I found out about all that, I played with the environment settings. There's a lot of presets and a zillion ways to make your own. I'm still learning, and I hope this helped someone else! =)

Stuff I'm wearing:
Outfit- Djunk Candy Skull, 0L! EVERYthing is free there, even the awesome skyboxes!
Hair: Artilleri "Rita" Pink Blonde
Skin: Sin Skins 10L sale!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flash Special

Sorry to interrupt your usual program, but ....

Pose shown : (left to right) Demi pose _ Diesel BeanBag _ Dyna pose

.. but Diesel Works is having a sale and you had to know this ... didn't you ? But this sale is for group members only, so if you've not been worshipping Diesel before (what were you doing ???) it's now time to join the group ! How will this work ? Easy !

Step 1: Join Diesel Works. There is a fee of 125L to join the group, but this is *so* worth it. Why ? Because Rogan is generous. And when Rogan does a gift it's way more than a 125L. Plus.. if you want immediate results, if you go shopping at the sale, you'll save way more than a 125L so awesomess on both sides!

Step 2: WEAR YOUR TAG. If you do not wear your tag you'll not get the refund of 40% of the price. Yes.. I did say 40% like in 40% off. But I also said *wear your tag*.

Step 3: Go and be the pose addict we all know you are... just like meh actually.. but heh.

One last detail though, but it's as well written in big red letters once you get at Diesel Works.. the sale is for all single pose pack, EXCEPT the modelling stool. Now go grab the goodies..

Pose shown : From Ballerina pack.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up...


I know, we've been very busy with our RL and for my part , I must admit, a bit lazy... but goodies seem to fall like the rain in the north of France (= A LOT) at the moment, and it would be a shame not to show them to you... A Piece of Candy just sent a new group gift to their subcribo members, it's this lovely sexy dress:

Have you noticed the hair? It's new from 69! And if you are not a member of their group, well, first shame on you because it's an amazing hair shop (plus enrollment was free until July 1st and I can't believe you missed it *grins*) and second, you will have to wait 2 more days to be able to get to the shop and take a look at the different new hairstyles that have just been released...

Oh and what about the shoes? These lovely flats were made by my friend Shayariel (yes! yes! the one from the blog!) and you can find them at a very reasonable price (I think around 50l$) at her shop in Avilion Vale.

As for the skin, you may have already recognised the touch of Aryanna, from GDS, and yes it's one of the new Keikos...

(I'll add the missing slurls tomorrow morning SL won't let me back in)

Simply generous

Let's do this quickly... Lemania.. Oscar gift.. Simply Fae... You must get it.
--->Here for the fun ^-^

One good news never comes alone

And it's a lot of little good(ies) that you can actually get (here) thanks to Kouse's generosity once more.
She is holding a retiring sale on the Elven Queen gown to give it a brand new look and new prims parts. So as long as it lasts (couple of days starting today), go and get yours for the small price of 100L.
This dress holds for me a very special value for I'm absolutely in love with celtic related things, and this dress had caught my heart on first sight. We had a few disagreement together too.. specially with adjusting the belt, back in that time when moving and adjusting a prim was for me a great deal of concentration *chuckles*
No more waiting, and don't forget to thank Kouse if she's around.

Sweet sweet...

fanta diallo ouu ouu... fanta diallo!

Sweet Little Dahl, I mean Doux Petit Dahl, (sorry I have the bad habit of translating french into english lol...) is having a hunt!!

Here's what the notecard says:

The slurl provided here will take you to the first cube, from there you can find two on LEVEL ONE of Subtle Creek Shopping Mall, and then there's the two that will be chillin on LEVEL TWO of the mall.

**Just something fun to do, they aren't hidden as if it were my secret stash or anything, obvious enough to find pretty quickly and tricky enough to make it fun : ]

Happy mini hunting loves<3

  • Pants and shirt from the DPD mini-hunt
  • Hair from ETD
  • Skin from Geisha Dreams Skins, New Keiko line, called "Sugar" (told you it would be sweet!) G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and not free, but I'll keep you posted on a photo contest that will happen soon

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Eyes have it!

A CLOSE OUT SALE!!! Everything is 20L or less at *Bower Birds*. She has a lovely collection of eyes! My favorites are the Masterpiece Collection. I have the Renior and Picaso, Willing my partner has the Monet. She also has some jewelery, the necklace I am wearing is called Captured Pearls. The 'Do is also from there called Audrey Updo. I am sorry to see her go out of business and wish her well.
In the same little shopping center I found this lovely dress I will call "flashback to my Hippie days". It is actually called Amy and it is by Haute Style & Co. It was so darned much like a dress I had in those days, I had to have it! ~*Dawn

A Faerie Fae at Heart

If you think I squee'd when I was the first to purchase the last new release from Laughing Academy you can't begin to imagine the squeal I gave (followed by a cackle of glee!) when I dropped everything and popped over as soon as the inimitable Tabby sent notice to her group of the new release of *la* Joellie Gown, for darling Tabitha dropped the entire garden pack on me for being first to come look! I know I space is dear, but I promise you won't regret giving space to be a *la* di da!

Naturally I had to find the perfect spot for a picture, and I think you will agree, the first rays of dawn at Avilion Drum Circle is the perfect place for this little Faerie Fae! Avilion is a lovely land full of fun and beauty, perfect for a visit with the Faerie Fae and Elves, or a quiet afternoon among the falls.

Gown and Hat from *la*, not free, but watch group for contests and fun specials

Because everybody loves magic

.. And Kouse ! Well I personnally do, for she is smart, fun and so generous and it's a honor to call her a friend. And guess what... She is organising a new picture contest. Last one was about a year ago now, so it's time again !

On the good news too, Kouse opened a flickr account for Kouse's Sanctum so show us your pretty dresses here. So as you guessed it by now, the theme for this contest is "Magic".

From Kouse's note:

You can interpret it any way you like, be it fancy spells, romance, fairytales, anything you feel has a magical element.

Guidelines: Any SL resident may enter this contest with a maximum of three entries given the following circumstances are present:

i) They submit a photographic entry for the contest to ‘Kouse Singh’

ii) The entry demonstrates a product from Kouse’s Sanctum worn on it’s model, either gown, jewellery, or a combination of both.

iii) Images must be given full permission for display purposes.

iv) Images may be raw screenshots or may be edited using image manipulation programs such as PhotoShop,, Paint Shop Pro, and so forth.

v) Entries must have a title, preferably followed by the creator’s name. If name or title is not present, one will be made for you.

Too happy of having a good reason to mess on Photoshop, I dragged Rosemarie home to shoot pictures and here is a little test picture we did. You will be most happy to learn a few other details about this contest too.

There will be two categories of entries: 1) Digitally Manipulated Images and 2) Screenshots. So if you are not too found of programs such as Photoshop, Gimp or whatever you can use.. you will be able to take part without feeling put at a disadvantage. You can enter the contest any time untill August 19th for judging will begin on August 20th and winner's names will be then announced via notice in Kouse's Sanctum group, on Kouse's Sanctum blog and other fashion blogs as well (We will of course do it :p).

Now about the goodies... and you better sit before reading this.

First Place:
-A custom gown designed to your specifications and named after you.

-A special Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree…choose any 25 items from the store you like!

-A gold trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special unreleased jewellery set (that may be released at a later date).

Second Place:
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 10 items you like.

-A silver trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special jewellery set (this will be a different set from the first place, and may also be released at a later date).

Third Place:
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 5 items you like.

-A bronze trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special jewellery set (unique from both first and second place winners)

Runner-Up Prize:
The number of runner up prizes will be determined by the overall number of entries. 50 entries will mean 5 runner ups, 70 will mean 7, and so forth.
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you may choose and 3 items you like.
All participants will receive a special prize for their efforts, the Mayah Tiara, which is currently not for sale.

The first 15 entrants will also receive a special unreleased colouration of the ‘Tempest’ gown!

That's all for now.. First, breathe in, breathe out... and then have fun with this contest. Keep in mind this is for fun, and try your best to honor Kouse's creations. Also make sure to send pictures full perms as they will be also displayed on the flickr. If any info is needed, make a NOTECARD (no IM or she'll never get it) to Kouse Singh.

Enjoy !

What do those faces tell you?

They express joy and pain... Yeah, I know, that makes you feel old... and if you don't remember that, it makes ME feel old... anyway my face expressed utter joy when I spotted these skins in Ashia Tomsen's shop, Idiosyncrasy... I just HAD to buy them, even just for the pleasure to "Model" them for you...

Yes, the skin is called Model, and here are the 8 different make ups you can get, there's a freckles option (I luuuurve the freckles option) and 3 different skin tones (the one shown here is the Sunkissed one). Of course Ashia released other skin series, all beautiful...

And talking about skins... keep you eyes peeled for there are going to be new releases very soon at Geisha Dreams skins... with yes another contest, but don't we love contests?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the eyes of a stranger...'ll be living in danger
Indeed, if you wear these gorgeous eyes from Poetic Colors, you may end up with a group of stalkers! The talented Lano Ling spoils us once more with that beautiful freebie that you will have to hunt for (but it's an easy one, look for a watermelon) in the Slice of Summer Hunt.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello gentle readers! I would like to let you know that for those of you who are not members of Avilion, you can still read my fashion page of the Avilion Chronicle here. It is a weekly page and displays fashion from Avilion Vale and/or Avilion Mist.



Saturday, July 18, 2009

I found a treasure in a Caverna Obscura

Yes, I visited Caverna Obscura .. I didn't know it much before the Fantasy Faire, but when I saw it.. I recognised at the second I saw it what is and will always stay for me "Devora's dress"(see here the related picture and post).
And then I started talking around about Caverna Obscura, how nice it is, how detailled are the items..
and Magenta got sweet enough to show me off all the outfits she owns from there.
Shown above: (left) Pirate Girl Outfit [Hair: TM Caress Red Burgundy]
(right) Eowyn Celtic Gown [Hair: Damselfly Cathryn Ruby Twilight Cool - Jewels: JCNY Celtic Trinity]
Shown above: (left) Melee Sorceress [Hair: ETD Alexandra Crimson] (middle) Dream Thief Red [Hair: AD Monday Brown Sugar - Ears: Caverna Obscura Fairie Ears with flowers - Lashes: Amacci Prim Lashes Pearl II] (right) Nightfire Fairie [Hair: Gurl6 Fidelity Strawberry]

Shown above: (left) Rites of Autumn [Hair: Damselfly Collyn Ruby Twilight Cool - Shoes: Flower Heels by Caverna Obscura] (right) Dryad Leaf Outfit [Hair on Mag: Tekeli-li Dryad - on Sua ETD Bonita]

Wonderful designs will you tell me? I do agree.. so show the talented Elvina Ewing some love.. Go to her shop and buy her some of her creations !

Hugs !

Friday, July 17, 2009

An Avilionian Storm

A new release from Avilion Mist and yet another proof of their creative skill and certain taste.
This outfit is called Storm and comes with nothing less than 31 pieces for endless mix and match possibilities and as many looks as your mind can think of.

The set includes the boots, the cloak, a hood and mask (not shown here) and the details are just incredibly stunning. The corset with laces both in front and back, the skirt (to be worn open or closed), the sleeves and gloves.. all this together creates the perfect look for the ladies who want to fight and still look feminine at wish.

Just one advice on this... if you're a lady and a roleplayer in medieval themed sims.. you better go get your "Storm" now !

Mix 'n Match

So let's have a little look at the latest gifts dropped by DSN and groups...
First is PixelDolls last group gift... a delicious silver bikini to be worn tied or untied as you wish. To be noted as well the tintable option so color won't be a problem here ! We can get a nice tan with the color of the day. And for the total sea-look .. I hope you grabbed Tekeli-li gift at Hair Fair !
Next is Silk and Satyr DSN gift... this set of silks is awesome. In my opinion it could also be worn as a very stylish swinsuit though it's not covering much on your behind *grins* Note the drapes are strippable, so yes this was much fun for a certain someone to rip them off while I was dancing at the Club Drow in Avilion Vale.

Last but not the least... A piece of Candy group gift is sooo cute... I wish I would get the same in RL for this summer, as the weather seems not to be tired of being so hot. Mwuah.. thanks designers for the gifts !