Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because everybody loves magic

.. And Kouse ! Well I personnally do, for she is smart, fun and so generous and it's a honor to call her a friend. And guess what... She is organising a new picture contest. Last one was about a year ago now, so it's time again !

On the good news too, Kouse opened a flickr account for Kouse's Sanctum so show us your pretty dresses here. So as you guessed it by now, the theme for this contest is "Magic".

From Kouse's note:

You can interpret it any way you like, be it fancy spells, romance, fairytales, anything you feel has a magical element.

Guidelines: Any SL resident may enter this contest with a maximum of three entries given the following circumstances are present:

i) They submit a photographic entry for the contest to ‘Kouse Singh’

ii) The entry demonstrates a product from Kouse’s Sanctum worn on it’s model, either gown, jewellery, or a combination of both.

iii) Images must be given full permission for display purposes.

iv) Images may be raw screenshots or may be edited using image manipulation programs such as PhotoShop,, Paint Shop Pro, and so forth.

v) Entries must have a title, preferably followed by the creator’s name. If name or title is not present, one will be made for you.

Too happy of having a good reason to mess on Photoshop, I dragged Rosemarie home to shoot pictures and here is a little test picture we did. You will be most happy to learn a few other details about this contest too.

There will be two categories of entries: 1) Digitally Manipulated Images and 2) Screenshots. So if you are not too found of programs such as Photoshop, Gimp or whatever you can use.. you will be able to take part without feeling put at a disadvantage. You can enter the contest any time untill August 19th for judging will begin on August 20th and winner's names will be then announced via notice in Kouse's Sanctum group, on Kouse's Sanctum blog and other fashion blogs as well (We will of course do it :p).

Now about the goodies... and you better sit before reading this.

First Place:
-A custom gown designed to your specifications and named after you.

-A special Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree…choose any 25 items from the store you like!

-A gold trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special unreleased jewellery set (that may be released at a later date).

Second Place:
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 10 items you like.

-A silver trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special jewellery set (this will be a different set from the first place, and may also be released at a later date).

Third Place:
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 5 items you like.

-A bronze trophy commemorating your victory.

-A special jewellery set (unique from both first and second place winners)

Runner-Up Prize:
The number of runner up prizes will be determined by the overall number of entries. 50 entries will mean 5 runner ups, 70 will mean 7, and so forth.
-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you may choose and 3 items you like.
All participants will receive a special prize for their efforts, the Mayah Tiara, which is currently not for sale.

The first 15 entrants will also receive a special unreleased colouration of the ‘Tempest’ gown!

That's all for now.. First, breathe in, breathe out... and then have fun with this contest. Keep in mind this is for fun, and try your best to honor Kouse's creations. Also make sure to send pictures full perms as they will be also displayed on the flickr. If any info is needed, make a NOTECARD (no IM or she'll never get it) to Kouse Singh.

Enjoy !

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