Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What do those faces tell you?

They express joy and pain... Yeah, I know, that makes you feel old... and if you don't remember that, it makes ME feel old... anyway my face expressed utter joy when I spotted these skins in Ashia Tomsen's shop, Idiosyncrasy... I just HAD to buy them, even just for the pleasure to "Model" them for you...

Yes, the skin is called Model, and here are the 8 different make ups you can get, there's a freckles option (I luuuurve the freckles option) and 3 different skin tones (the one shown here is the Sunkissed one). Of course Ashia released other skin series, all beautiful...

And talking about skins... keep you eyes peeled for there are going to be new releases very soon at Geisha Dreams skins... with yes another contest, but don't we love contests?

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