Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Faerie Fae at Heart

If you think I squee'd when I was the first to purchase the last new release from Laughing Academy you can't begin to imagine the squeal I gave (followed by a cackle of glee!) when I dropped everything and popped over as soon as the inimitable Tabby sent notice to her group of the new release of *la* Joellie Gown, for darling Tabitha dropped the entire garden pack on me for being first to come look! I know I space is dear, but I promise you won't regret giving space to be a *la* di da!

Naturally I had to find the perfect spot for a picture, and I think you will agree, the first rays of dawn at Avilion Drum Circle is the perfect place for this little Faerie Fae! Avilion is a lovely land full of fun and beauty, perfect for a visit with the Faerie Fae and Elves, or a quiet afternoon among the falls.

Gown and Hat from *la*, not free, but watch group for contests and fun specials

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