Wednesday, July 1, 2009

~*Runs Squeeeeeing through the blog*

~*Sees Rose looking and quickly composes self*~ no attention that...~*eyeshifty*~

Loooook what I got! Nu, it was not free, but I walked in, and it was just sitting there.....waiting...waiting for...ME! ME! ME! -*crows with delight*-

Laughing Academy's gracious Tabitha Ninetails has done it again! When I stopped clutching my package and squeeeeeing with delight, I looked around and spotted her in the shop sporting the newest lovely creation. No, it is not free, but with many layer options and a lovely pair of emerald green Edwardian slippers included, it was a bargin I could not pass up. For those bargin hunters out there, have a look round the shop. There's even a great deal on a men's outfit for group members. And remember, though you may squee with delight just as I did...I was FIRST bishes! -*cackles with glee in her lovely *la* newness and skips off*-

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