Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Status Quome: BUS-ted!

I decided to take a lil' trip around SL, but first I needed something to get me there. A spaceship? Too zippy. Maybe an elephant? Too big. Or a dragon? A dragon would be cool, it could light campfires for toasting marshmallows... but it might also light houses and toast avatars for its own meals, so... no, no dragon. And then I found this:

OMG, perfect!!! A VW bus! Just the thing to hold all the camping gear and me. Plus I can sleep in it and I can pick up friends along the way! YAY! Here I am about to have a little snack to boost my energy for...

...Tanning! It takes a lot of effort to just lie there and do nothing, you know. Especially if you're usually a spazz like me. Well, I couldn't stay still too long anyway, so I entertained myself with...

... this adoooorable mini-bus, that just happens to be pink! And when it flies it has a cloud of smoke just like a real one! (I think that was originally meant to cover up *other* kinds of smoke coming from other kinds of flying in hippie vans in the 60's. But I wasn't alive yet so it's just a guess.)

The end of my first day on the road.
But while I was out and about, I did find some more fun stuff, like...

A cute pink house, and furniture and a blouse to match! (The table and chairs were a gift, the rest is all found in one place.)

This kimono-print dress and more pink furniture...

And a quick side trip to the Harlow sim opening for this drop-dead GORGEOUS skin! All in all it was a great day! (and test-driving the bus in the skybox was hilarious! Maybe it was the fumes?)

Photos 1-4:
Skin: !DC Victorian skin, Harlow opening gift
Hair: Diversity Delilah, Hair Fair gift
Outfits: Moulliez Green Gingham and T Junction Dotty Bikini, Harlow opening gifts
Flower hairband: Ms free hairband from Rakan Japanese outdoor mall
Mini hippie bus: Fllo at Themis, lucky board (big bus, not free but way cool!)
Picnic basket, 1L on XStreet
White sunglasses, 1L at Ray Skin

Photo 5: Pink house, hair, outfit (free). White strawberry furniture & bowl (1L to 5L). All at Themis sim, see above.
Photo 6 & 7: Kimono-print dress, free at Rakan Japanese outdoor mall; necklace 1L at [chuculet], skin Eye Candi Natalia medium, Harlow opening gift. A set of 3 freckled skins is available in the store for 10L! (If you land at Striking Poses, check them out, then head south to 99, 56, 25. It's the last row before the water.)

***Sorry yall, The Harlow gifts are gone now, but DEFINITELY go check out the sim and the designers there. It's super-nice! I couldn't find a TP board to the other stores but I see more walking around anyway! =)

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