Saturday, July 25, 2009

Status Quome: Totally Lit!

Hey y'all! As you know, I've only been on SL about 6 months but I learn stuff almost every day. One of the coolest things was how to change light settings. A lot of people have a copy of the "recommended Windlight settings" notecard. I've seen it called Redgrave or Belleza settings but they're the same, made by Caliah Lyon. There are others too, with different variances, made by other creators.

So I wanna post something a lil different today for anyone who doesn't have the notecard or doesn't know just what changing light settings can do. First, here's Caliah's website with her settings. The great thing is that with the newest viewers, if you use Windlight you don't need an attachment facelight. So, when you TP into someplace crowded, your brilliant glow won't blind everyone nearby and interfere with local lighting. This is good!

The other interesting thing, that I learned a while back thanks to a note sent out by Dick from WoE, is the prim-tinting issue. It's explained on the site above but I'm going to show you the difference and how to (usually) fix it.

This is the default SL "Midday" setting, with no facelight. Bleh!

This is the same default, with a standard facelight. Face looks good, but what about all those shadows? You know, those ones that move every time you do and make the unlit parts of your av look all funked up?

This is using the recommended settings from above website. And NO facelight! Now, I probably should have been outdoors to show this off the best, but look at the difference in the skin between the 1st pic and the 3rd. And the attached skirt blends so much better!

Speaking of...

OK, if you have clothes that were maybe made before Viewer 1.22, or by someone not using these settings, when you DO change your lighting they could look mismatched or off-color. That's cause with the old viewers, creators had to tint attachments gray. With Windlight and/or the settings above, the gray causes that mis-matching.

If your skirt, belt or other attachment is modify (and hopefully it is!) you can fix this yourself really easily. Just right-click the attachment and Edit, then click the Texture tab. (You might need to "edit linked parts" if there's a lot of pieces and only one or two don't match, like with a belt that has buckles or whatever. Or if the attachment has alpha textures, like the lace on the one I'm wearing. Don't select the lace!) If the Color box is gray, just click it, select white, save it and poof! Your skirt now matches the rest of the outfit! This also works in reverse btw, if you're NOT running Windlight and nobody told your skirt this factoid. Just edit the skirt and change the white to light gray.

After I found out about all that, I played with the environment settings. There's a lot of presets and a zillion ways to make your own. I'm still learning, and I hope this helped someone else! =)

Stuff I'm wearing:
Outfit- Djunk Candy Skull, 0L! EVERYthing is free there, even the awesome skyboxes!
Hair: Artilleri "Rita" Pink Blonde
Skin: Sin Skins 10L sale!

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