Saturday, July 18, 2009

I found a treasure in a Caverna Obscura

Yes, I visited Caverna Obscura .. I didn't know it much before the Fantasy Faire, but when I saw it.. I recognised at the second I saw it what is and will always stay for me "Devora's dress"(see here the related picture and post).
And then I started talking around about Caverna Obscura, how nice it is, how detailled are the items..
and Magenta got sweet enough to show me off all the outfits she owns from there.
Shown above: (left) Pirate Girl Outfit [Hair: TM Caress Red Burgundy]
(right) Eowyn Celtic Gown [Hair: Damselfly Cathryn Ruby Twilight Cool - Jewels: JCNY Celtic Trinity]
Shown above: (left) Melee Sorceress [Hair: ETD Alexandra Crimson] (middle) Dream Thief Red [Hair: AD Monday Brown Sugar - Ears: Caverna Obscura Fairie Ears with flowers - Lashes: Amacci Prim Lashes Pearl II] (right) Nightfire Fairie [Hair: Gurl6 Fidelity Strawberry]

Shown above: (left) Rites of Autumn [Hair: Damselfly Collyn Ruby Twilight Cool - Shoes: Flower Heels by Caverna Obscura] (right) Dryad Leaf Outfit [Hair on Mag: Tekeli-li Dryad - on Sua ETD Bonita]

Wonderful designs will you tell me? I do agree.. so show the talented Elvina Ewing some love.. Go to her shop and buy her some of her creations !

Hugs !


  1. wow such a lovely post! i feel flattered! ^^ thank you so much!
    hugs, Elvina

  2. You're most welcome! Always a pleasure to blog and take those pictures were a real delight for me !
    Keep amazing us with your creations !