Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up...


I know, we've been very busy with our RL and for my part , I must admit, a bit lazy... but goodies seem to fall like the rain in the north of France (= A LOT) at the moment, and it would be a shame not to show them to you... A Piece of Candy just sent a new group gift to their subcribo members, it's this lovely sexy dress:

Have you noticed the hair? It's new from 69! And if you are not a member of their group, well, first shame on you because it's an amazing hair shop (plus enrollment was free until July 1st and I can't believe you missed it *grins*) and second, you will have to wait 2 more days to be able to get to the shop and take a look at the different new hairstyles that have just been released...

Oh and what about the shoes? These lovely flats were made by my friend Shayariel (yes! yes! the one from the blog!) and you can find them at a very reasonable price (I think around 50l$) at her shop in Avilion Vale.

As for the skin, you may have already recognised the touch of Aryanna, from GDS, and yes it's one of the new Keikos...

(I'll add the missing slurls tomorrow morning SL won't let me back in)

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